5 common types of raisins
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5 common types of raisins

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Red horse milk: dark brown in color, slightly reddish, not too big or too small, belonging to medium size. Generally speaking, red horse milk raisins are seeded and have high nutritional value, because most of the nutrients in grapes come from grapes Seed, so, for women's beauty and body maintenance, red horse milk raisins are a good choice, the price is more expensive.

Green Fragrant Concubine: The color is greenish-yellow, the particles are large, the taste is refreshing, it is made of large green horse milk of good quality, seedless, sweet, and the price is not very high.

Rose fragrance: Rose scented raisins have a special fragrance, like a rose, seedless, small in size, rich in nutrients, and the price is relatively high.

Hongxiangfei: The color is very similar to the red horse milk, dark brown and reddish, but it is large, good in appearance, sweet in taste, pure grape flavor, refreshing and natural, and the price is higher.

Black rose raisins: The color is black, also known as black currant raisins. The taste is different from other raisins. It has a mellow fragrance, seedless, sweet and greasy, and the price is higher.

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