Can hemorrhoids bleed
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Can hemorrhoids bleed

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Question 1.

    I have blood in my stool, do I have hemorrhoids?

    This is the case 80% of the time. Hemorrhoids appear as painless dripping or spurting blood, but blood may also be present in anal fissures, rectal polyps, rectal cancer, and rectal ulcers, which must be differentiated clinically. Anal fissure is painful and bleeding; polyp bleeding is low; low rectal cancer will be accompanied by mucus, and blood will remain in the intestinal cavity, then a digital examination can immediately understand; rectal ulcers will be accompanied by falling, tenesmus. Don't neglect colonoscopy!

Question 2.

    Constipation will cause hemorrhoids, but diarrhea will definitely disappear, right?

    Constipation is easy to get hemorrhoids, so many people mistakenly think that as long as the stool is not dry or diarrhea, they will not get hemorrhoids. In fact, diarrhea is an important cause of hemorrhoids. Diarrhea squatting in the toilet will increase the number of times. Diarrhea is mostly caused by enteritis. Long-term chronic inflammation will cause local blood vessels in the anorectal to become brittle and elastic, and hemorrhoids will form. This is why it is necessary to keep the anus part clean and hygienic.

Question 3.

    Is it better to sit in the bath as often as possible?

    Some people who have hemorrhoids always like to soak in hot water, scald them, and even sit in a hot water basin. They feel that it is very comfortable. As everyone knows, this is wrong. The sitz bath itself does prevent hemorrhoids, but the water temperature should not be too hot. The time of the sitz bath should not exceed 5 minutes at a time. Under normal circumstances, the number of sitz baths should not exceed 2 times. Otherwise, hemorrhoids may be aggravated and the healing will be affected after the operation.


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