Do hemorrhoids go away on their own
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Do hemorrhoids go away on their own

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Hemorrhoids (2)

Question 1.

    Hemorrhoids have to recur after surgery, or just bear it?

    Some patients have very serious hemorrhoids, but when you tell him (her) that they need surgery, his first reaction is often "don't do it!". The reason is: listening to others say that you will relapse if you do it. If you don’t do it, you will be hit for nothing. In fact, this is playing tricks. If a single cut can protect you for 5 years and 10 years, it is better than suffering every day, not to mention that in many cases, you can get a single cut forever. The key is that the surgeon you are looking for must be skilled and never fall into the hands of two knives.

Question 2.

    I'm pregnant/can't I have hemorrhoid surgery while breastfeeding?

    Pregnant and lying-in women are the favored objects of hemorrhoids. Many pregnant women who are breast-feeding have tolerated the torture of hemorrhoids and dare not operate for the safety of their babies. This is also a misunderstanding. The impact of surgery is the intraoperative and postoperative medication. The intraoperative anesthetics are generally metabolized within half a day. After the operation, antibiotics and topical drugs are mainly used. The cephalosporin drugs are selected and controlled within 1 day. Surgical treatment is feasible, one day after the operation. You can breastfeed normally.

Question 3.

    Is it better to go with treatment than hospitalization in the advertisement?

    A patient said that he had been injected with hemorrhoids 10 times in a certain hospital. He had no symptoms at all and he bleeds after tinkering, but he did not regret it. He said that there were many patients in that place. It was too tempting to "go with the treatment" . In this regard, I just want to say that medical treatment is a very rigorous matter, and the need to be hospitalized must not be used to judge good or bad. I believe that the consequences of going with the treatment will be returned if you leave.

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