Do you know the top ten soul problems in gynecology 1
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Do you know the top ten soul problems in gynecology 1

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N1 private cleanliness

Key words: it's very important to clean the vulva, it's not necessary to clean the vagina

Many women think it is very important to keep their private parts clean, especially the vagina. In fact, because of the particularity of vaginal physiological function, it has its own self purification function. Cleaning vagina often will destroy the self purification function of vagina, destroy balance and cause inflammation. Therefore, the vagina does not need cleaning, the cleaning is the vulva. As long as every night with water to scrub vulva, keep dry, before and after sex life also wash vulva can.

By the way, don't use any personal lotion!

N2 The problem of color depth of private part

Key words: not related to the frequency of sex

Originated from the "black fungus" saying, many people think that the dark color of women's private parts is caused by too frequent sexual life and excessive friction.Not at all!

The color of the private part is the result of endocrine influence on melanocytes, and has nothing to do with sex.And with age, hormone levels retreat, and older women are shallower than younger women. Therefore, it is endocrine that causes the color of private parts, which has nothing to do with sex life!

N3Masturbation in women

Key words: no shame

In fact, as long as the method is appropriate, do not use any dangerous props, the most important thing is to pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, there is nothing wrong with female masturbation.

Female masturbation is a normal physiological behavior and does not need psychological burden.

N4 menstrual problems

Key words: regulate menstruation to divide the situation

When should go to hospital recuperate menstruation well? Please note the following:

a. For example, several times a month;

b.Two cycles beyond your period have not come (conservative estimate), either you are pregnant or you are ill;

c. Menstruation to more than half a month has not stopped signs, feel that they really want to bleed to death;

d. The amount of bleeding is very small, one day, but also wet three sanitary napkins;

e. Menstruation period to the time of pain to death, even if you are still a beautiful adolescent girl;

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