Do you know the top ten soul problems in gynecology 2
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Do you know the top ten soul problems in gynecology 2

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N5 The problem of scientific contraception

Key words: condom + short acting contraceptive

Any contraceptive method has advantages and disadvantages, mainly depends on personal preferences and choices.

But here are three core points to note:

1. Condom + short acting contraceptive is a reliable contraceptive method.

2. Emergency contraception is not contraception, it is only for emergency use and can not be taken frequently.

3. The methods of ejaculation in vitro and safe period are not reliable and can not be used as contraception.

Therefore, all men who are keen on ejaculation and cheat you with safety period should: drag it out and kill it!!!

N6 cervical erosion

Key words: it's not a disease

The misfax caused by a bad name can have a long effect. When many people hear the word "erosion", they have already labeled it as "serious disease".

However, cervical erosion is not a disease. In essence, the cells inside the cervix grow outside. Although it looks like "rotten", it is a normal phenomenon that occurs with the physiological cycle.

Since they are not diseases, there is no severe mild, 1 degree 2 degree problem.

Cervical erosion is not equal to cervicitis, not equal to cervical cancer, also do not need to do special treatment for cervical erosion.

N7 Problems with vaginitis

Key words: maintain the balance of vaginal flora

Out of order, vaginitis is a serious incidence rate of gynecological diseases, and also a serious disaster area.

Under normal circumstances, there are a variety of microorganisms in the vagina, these bacteria in the vagina to achieve a balance and will not cause disease, but once this balance is broken or exogenous pathogens invasion, it will lead to vaginitis.

Therefore, maintaining the balance of vaginal flora is very important for the prevention and treatment of vaginitis.

This requires female friends not to wash the vagina at will, not to use gynecological lotion cleaning, which will cause imbalance of bacteria.

At the same time, pay attention to clean sex life, change underwear frequently is an important method.

Finally stressed: if suffering from vaginitis, must accept the regular treatment.

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