Do you know the truth about vaginitis
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Do you know the truth about vaginitis

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Rumor: vaginitis only after having sex.

Truth: not really.

Main point: no matter whether you have sex, whether you are an adult or a baby, you may have vaginitis.

    The occurrence of vaginitis is mainly related to these three factors: contact with unclean environment, decline of self immunity, imbalance of vaginal flora.

    Even without sex, the hymen is not completely closed. Menstrual blood and vaginal secretions can also be eliminated from the vaginal orifice; similarly, pathogens can enter the vagina through the vaginal orifice and cause inflammation.

    If you do not have good hygiene habits, use unclean bath towel, or do not replace sanitary napkins and underwear in time, it may cause Trichomonas, bacteria and other pathogens to overproduce, and then contact the vulva and enter the vagina, causing vaginitis.

    In addition, washing vagina with lotion and long-term use of antibiotics are common manifestations of vaginal flora imbalance. There is no such thing as vaginal inflammation.

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Rumor: often use lotion to clean private parts, can prevent vaginitis.

Truth: it's not only useless, but also increases risk.

Main points: there is a normal ecosystem in female vagina. Lactobacillus estrogen and vaginal pH value play an important role in maintaining vaginal ecological balance. Once the ecological balance of vagina is broken, inflammation may occur.

If you frequently use lotion to wash the vagina and vulva, it will damage the acid environment in the vagina, not conducive to the growth of Lactobacillus, damage the ecological balance and defense function of vagina, but increase the risk of vaginitis, so do not blindly use lotion to prevent vaginitis.

Rumor: after urination, wipe with paper, easy to get vaginitis.

Truth: No, it's not

Main point: as long as you use clean toilet paper, it will not cause vaginitis.

Under normal circumstances, a clean toilet paper is unlikely to contain Trichomonas or other pathogenic microorganisms. The toilet paper we use in daily life is not completely sterile, but the microbes on it are likely to be similar to those on a clean underwear. If wiping with paper after urination is improper contact with the vagina, resulting in the user suffering from vaginitis, is it not that wearing underpants will also suffer from vaginitis? So this kind of Internet rumor doesn't hold water. Because of the physiological structure of women, they should clean their urine with paper after urinating. Otherwise, it is easy to cause other health problems because of the wetness of their private parts. Because of an unexplained rumor on the Internet, changing their life is not worth the loss.

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