FAQ about vaginitis
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FAQ about vaginitis

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Q: my underwear is yellowing recently. I observe that there will be white sticky substance in my private parts. The leucorrhea is transparent and strip-shaped. It looks normal, but I feel that there is a peculiar smell underneath. My underpants have the smell of choking nose. Sometimes my underwear is often wet, and I can smell it when I sit down. Is this vaginitis?

A:Leucorrhea is vaginal secretions, mainly vaginal mucosa, exudates and cervical tube, endometrium and oviduct gland secretions mixed. Normal leucorrhea should be egg white or white paste, no odor, the amount is relatively small, leucorrhea formation and estrogen, generally in two to three days before and after menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy will increase, leucorrhea volume significantly increased, changes in characteristics or accompanied by odor, pruritus, the common disease is vaginitis. Generally speaking, there is no obvious smell of bacteria in the vaginal secretion, which is not itchy.

Q:During this period of time, the underwear is very wet and smelly. In recent days, the underwear is not a piece of water, but the color of underwear is yellow, and it can't be washed clean. The taste is small, but it still has a little taste. It doesn't itch all the time. Can it be bacterial vaginitis? I usually pay attention to personal hygiene. I take a shower every night. It's clear water, and I haven't used any lotion. Moreover, my underwear is changed every day. I'm married but I haven't had sex. Why do I still have inflammation?

A:In terms of probability, it is possible to have bacterial vaginitis. Some patients will choose to have a beard and eyebrow, use mixed drugs to cover a variety of vaginitis treatment, and may solve the problem. However, if you do not check and use the most symptomatic drug, the treatment may be delayed, bringing unnecessary side effects and trouble. As for the cause of vaginitis, the vagina itself and the outside world are interlinked, and the urethra and anus are adjacent to each other, which makes it easy to be infected. In addition, sexual life is frequent and easy to be infected. People who have no sexual life may also have vaginitis, but the probability is less. After having sex, there will be an infection route, and the possibility of vaginitis will be increased a lot. Underpants yellowing, with odor, will generally be judged as bacterial vaginitis, but vaginitis is a problem most women will face, no need to be too nervous.

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