How do we face the post COVID-19 epidemic era?
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How do we face the post COVID-19 epidemic era?

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Through the joint efforts of people around the world to fight the epidemic, the COVID-19 epidemic spreading around the world is gradually flattening. Countries around the world are speeding up work resumption to achieve rapid economic growth. In the post epidemic era, countries take "going out and bringing in" as the theme of their policies and focus on promoting high-quality development of international trade. With the opening of borders of all countries in the world, international trade import and export will resume the prosperity of the past.

In 2020, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Stabilizing Foreign Trade, Stabilizing Foreign Investment, and Promoting Consumption". The document mentions that country should coordinate the resumption review department to expedite the formalities, support the orderly work resumption of foreign trade, foreign investment, commercial circulation and e-commerce enterprises,  and promote the co-construction of major “One Belt One Road” project. The government should simplify foreign trade management procedures, guide enterprises to apply for paperless import and export licenses, promote paperless application for technology import and export contract registration, and accelerate the implementation of paperless management for foreign investment filing (approval). Besides, it is necessary to strengthen legal services to help enterprises reduce risks, and to support relevant agencies to issue force majeure factual proof that foreign trade enterprises and foreign project implementers can’t perform the contract due to the epidemic situation.

The notice said that we must support the development of new foreign trade formats and new models, strengthen export credit insurance support, actively respond to overseas trade restrictions, deepen the innovation and development of service trade, and encourage enterprises to make good use of the preferential policies of free trade agreements. At the same time, we need to implement laws and regulations on foreign investment, guide foreign-funded enterprises to make full use of various supportive policies and measures to respond to the epidemic situation, strengthen the tracking service of large foreign-invested projects, innovate and optimize the methods of attracting foreign investment. Then, we should guide open platforms such as free trade pilot zones and national economic and technological development zones to focus on prevention, control and development, strengthen dynamic monitoring of foreign-funded enterprises, and strengthen services and guidance in a targeted manner. In addition, relevant departments should establish a rapid response mechanism for overseas epidemic situations to provide coordinated services for overseas Chinese companies. It is necessary to support business and circulation enterprises to innovate business service models, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets, promote the upgrading and expansion of service consumption, release emerging consumption potential, and develop convenience stores and vegetable markets.


Details of border opening of some countries:

Albania has fully opened its borders since June 1.

Italy will open its borders to all EU countries from June 15.

France will open the EU internal borders from June 15.

Greece will open its borders to 29 countries including China from June 15.

Tunisia will open ocean, land and air borders from June 27.

The Maldives plans to open the border in July.

Ghana keeps the border closed.

Nigeria is about to open its land border.

Japan is about to open the border to China.


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