How raisins are made
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How raisins are made

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    Every time when the grapes are ripe, I can’t help drooling when I see a bunch of chubby and watery grapes. The grapes are sweet and delicious. They are so delicious to eat, and they can be stored as delicious raisins, but , You love grapes, do you know how raisins are made?

    Since a long time ago, humans have been making raisins. There are evidences of raisins in ancient Egyptian writings. At first, grapes were mainly used for making wine. Later, people discovered that making raisins can make more money faster, so the raisin industry Was born.

    There are three main methods for producing raisins: natural production, mechanical dehydration and sun-dried production, the most popular of which is natural production. The ripe grapes harvested from the field are placed on a tray and allowed to dry for two to four weeks. During this period, the moisture content of the grapes drops from 75% to less than 15%, and the color changes to brownish-purple. After the grapes are dried, they are packaged and packed. The box is shipped to the processing plant.

    After arriving at the processing plant, the grapes are placed on a wire mesh and shaken. At the same time, they are washed with water to remove sand and debris. The immature raisins are removed through a suction device. The raisins are separated from the stems by shaking, and finally dried to remove water. can. Sometimes, the raisins are treated with a macerate before drying to reduce the browning rate and maintain the flavor, just to let you taste the delicious raisins.

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