How to clean vagina
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How to clean vagina

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    Now more and more women have greatly improved their health awareness, and have the habit of regularly cleaning the vagina. However, many women do not know how to clean the vagina to achieve the purpose of preventing diseases. Wrong habits of cleaning the vagina can be found everywhere, such as:

1. Improper use of cleansing products.

    The most common is to wash the vulva with soap. Soap is alkaline and irritating to the skin. After removing sebum, the skin is dry and itchy. Some people like to use shower gel, and think that the cleaning effect of bath gel is mild. In fact, shower gel is a chemical agent, which can easily cause allergic or contact dermatitis after stimulating skin mucosa. Some women often use Jieeryin, fuyintai and other traditional Chinese medicine preparations to clean the pudenda, believing that traditional Chinese medicine is the safest. Although Chinese herbal medicine has the function of clearing away heat, detoxification and anti-inflammatory. However, traditional Chinese medicine preparations are also prescription drugs and should be used under the guidance of doctors. Moreover, the preservation period of Chinese herbal medicine is short, easy to deteriorate and moldy, but harmful after use. There are also women like to use potassium permanganate disinfectant, that is more thorough disinfection. Potassium permanganate used for a long time, the skin will become dry, easy to cause skin itching. If the potassium permanganate is not diluted according to the standard, the concentration is more than 1:5000 or the powder is not completely dissolved, once it is stained with the vulva, it will corrode the delicate skin and mucous membrane. In fact, healthy women don't need to use these products at all.

2. Improper range of cleaning Yin.

    Some women will extend the scope of vaginal cleansing to the vagina, often use liquid to wash the vagina, think this can reduce leucorrhea, prevent infection. In fact, leucorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon of women, is a mixture of vaginal exudate, cervix and endometrial gland secretions. Leucorrhea less, vagina is not wet enough, but will cause discomfort. If the vagina is often washed, the acid environment of vagina will be changed, the self purification function of vagina will be destroyed, and the mutual restriction of normal flora will be disturbed. There are also women with small towel or gauze wrapped fingers into the vagina, scrub the vaginal wall, think that this is more thorough. In fact, scrubbing the vagina will damage the local mucosal tissue, making the normal flora invade into the vaginal mucosa and become pathogenic bacteria, causing inflammation, and even opening the door for external pathogens to enter the vagina.

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