How to take good care of your prostate?
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How to take good care of your prostate?

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    Prostate is like a chestnut placed upside down in the human body. It weighs about 40-50g. It is located at the bottom of the pelvic cavity, with the bladder above, the urethra below, the phalanx in front and the rectum behind. It can be said that it is an important "traffic center" for the human body.

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    The prostate gland is one of the few glands in the human body with dual secretion function. The prostate fluid secreted every day is also the main component of semen, which is conducive to fertilization, and can transform testosterone to maintain the health of the body near the prostate and reduce the damage of toxic substances to the urethra. Many people will have difficulty urinating with age or illness, which is also related to prostate damage, so the prostate must be well maintained!

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    So how to maintain our prostate?

    There is an old Chinese saying that "what you eat will make up for what you eat"! Research shows that: in the adrenal gland, prostate, testis, uterus and other organs, there is a nutrient called lycopene. This substance is widely distributed in the organs around the prostate, microvessels and blood, and can not be synthesized by the human body itself, so it can only be absorbed from the diet. Therefore, daily supplement of some tomato extract and Solanaceae lycopene has a good maintenance effect on prostate.

    Epidemiological and clinical studies have shown that the concentration of lycopene in blood is negatively correlated with the incidence of prostate cancer and gastric cancer, which plays an important role in protecting prostate and reducing prostate cancer. ——The reference is from the "antioxidant effect of lycopene and its effect on sperm DNA damage" by Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention.

    According to a recent study abroad, the effects of lycopene on sperm characteristics, testicular damage and oxidative stress induced by cisplatin were studied by atessehain · A. The results showed that lycopene could increase sperm concentration and motility, reduce sperm abnormality rate, and increase the antioxidant activity of testicular tissue. So eating more Solanaceae extract or lycopene is also a good way to protect the prostate.

    According to the report released by Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, the United States, 12 studies conducted by different organizations around the world have been carried out in Pinggu, which also shows that lycopene in Solanaceae can increase the number of sperm, improve the speed of sperm understanding, and improve the living environment of sperm. The leader of the study also said that lycopene is generally believed to be a male prostate gland that benefits the reproductive organs. The literature is extracted from Chinese Journal of food, issue 3, 2015.

    In addition to daily supplement of nutrients and lycopene of Solanaceae, the following eight points are needed to maintain the prostate:

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1. Persisting in urination

Many people will have the habit of holding urine, starting from school for 45 minutes, a strict teacher will inevitably let students hold urine until class is over, which is not healthy. It's not good for the bladder and prostate for a long time.

2. Ensure drinking water

Drinking more water is conducive to urination, diluting the concentration of uric acid and urine. Long term high concentration of urine indicates that the content of toxic substances in urea is high, which will stimulate the prostate. Therefore, ensuring drinking water is conducive to diluting urine and discharging toxic substances in time. The amount of drinking water in a day of normal people is about 3500 ~ 4000ml.

3. Abstinence from sex

Frequent sexual life will also make the prostate in a long-term hyperemia state, will cause prostatic hyperplasia, increase, so to control sexual intercourse, avoid repeated congestion of prostate, give prostate full adjustment and recovery time.

4. Keep clean

Bacterial infection is also one of the main causes of prostate problems, which deserves our attention. Men's scrotal expansion, more sweat secretion, coupled with poor ventilation of the vulva, easy to hide dirt, local bacteria will often take advantage of the void, which will lead to prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, sexual function decline, if not timely attention will also occur serious infection.

5. Relax

For male diseases, it is easy to cause mental stress, clinical shows that when the pressure of life is reduced, prostate symptoms will be relieved.

6. Take a warm bath

Warm water helps to soothe prostate muscles. Washing with warm water for 3-5 minutes a day is very beneficial for prostate patients.

7. Reduce friction

Pudendal friction will aggravate the prostate disease, so to prevent local friction, reduce riding time on the prostate also has a certain conservation effect.

8. Quit smoking and drinking

In particular, alcoholics suffer from prostatitis in the majority of male groups, alcohol will produce certain anesthetic stimulation to the prostate, especially after drinking, the excess alcohol content in the body will be discharged through the prostate. Quitting smoking and drinking is very important for the maintenance of prostate.

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