How to tighten slack vagina
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How to tighten slack vagina

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1. Exercise

How to do it It can be done in four steps: empty the bladder-confirm the position of the pelvic floor muscles-contract the pelvic floor muscles-relax the pelvic floor muscles. Pay attention to the time of contraction and relaxation. Usually contract for 5-10 seconds and relax for 5-10 seconds. It is recommended to train the pelvic floor muscles for a group of 8-10 times, 2 to 3 groups a day. The specific number and contraction intensity depend on personal circumstances. Exercise is not difficult, you can practice anytime, anywhere, whether you are standing, lying, or sitting, just suit yourself. The important thing is to master the correct methods of contraction and relaxation, and to develop training habits in daily life. For example, you can do it quietly when you play on your mobile phone or relax.

2. Instrument repair

Hospitals now generally use "electrical stimulation" + "biofeedback" therapy to enhance the contraction ability of the pelvic floor and enhance pelvic floor muscle strength. The effect is confirmed by a large number of clinical cases. If you can’t go to the hospital for treatment or you want to keep firm after treatment, you can go home and continue to repair your pelvic floor muscles. Tightening for a while, refreshing for a while, firming and refreshing all the time, don't you start training?

3. Vaginal dumbbells

The "vaginal dumbbell" is a ball that can be placed in the vagina, with a small tail at the end, which is easy to take out after use. The action of gravity promotes the automatic contraction of the vaginal muscles, and exercises the pelvic floor muscles through contraction exercises to restore vaginal firmness. No. 1 ball is the largest and lightest, No. 5 ball is the smallest and heaviest. It is recommended to start with No. 1 ball for the first time. Because if the volume is not large enough, it is easy to fall out for some women who are relatively loose and difficult to complete the training. After putting the ball into the ball, start training, contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

4. Use gynecological cold compress gel products

Place the syringe in the vagina and squeeze out the gel. 1 tube/time, 1 time/day, 6 days as a course of treatment. Relieve itching, odor, relaxation, etc., effectively relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort, long-term use can restore vaginal elasticity, and play the role of tightening and repairing private parts.

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