How to treat hemorrhoids
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How to treat hemorrhoids

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    For hemorrhoids, one of the most common misunderstandings is to treat hemorrhoids when they see it, and then quickly get rid of it. The advertisements of some for-profit medical institutions on the market are also tricking patients into performing various operations to eradicate hemorrhoids.

    In fact, the principle of treatment of hemorrhoids is: asymptomatic hemorrhoids do not need treatment; symptomatic hemorrhoids do not need radical treatment, and conservative treatment, that is, medical treatment is the main method. Therefore, ordinary patients with hemorrhoids do not have to think of surgery first, but should choose appropriate drugs based on their symptoms. Only when the drug treatment is not effective, such as severe prolapse of hemorrhoids in the anus and excessive blood in the stool, do they need to go to a regular hospital for surgery.

    At present, there are many hemorrhoid medications in the market, such as granules, capsules, tablets, pills, etc. for oral administration, suppositories, ointments and creams, patches, etc. for external use, as well as aerosol, powder + suppository kits , Oral solution, etc., fumigation and washing are mainly Chinese medicine prescriptions.

    The characteristics of various drugs are different. For example, suppositories can reach the patient's part directly, but they have the disadvantage of easily contaminating clothing; tablets can improve symptoms from the inside through circulation in the body, but will have certain effects on the stomach and liver. And the specific drug choice has to be symptomatic.

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