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Nine hemorrhoids in ten people do not need to be treated" is wrong. No need for treatment refers to hemorrhoids that do not show symptoms, but once they have symptoms such as bleeding, prolapse, and pain, they do not treat and care about it, it will aggravate their own pain and cause health hazards.



Annoying! What can I do with vaginal relaxation after delivery?

For the pelvic floor muscles, many female friends may not be familiar with it. But in fact, the pelvic floor muscles play a vital role for our women. Many women experience vaginal relaxation and urine leakage after giving birth. This may be a problem with your pelvic floor muscles.What are pelvic fl



Fight against premature ejaculation

A harmonious and happy family is inseparable from the harmony of married life, but in recent years, andrological diseases have increasingly become an important factor threatening male physical and mental health and family harmony. Among them, "premature ejaculation" is a hidden word for many men.For



Vaginal relaxation: a few things you have to know

Sisters, you will talk about body shape and weight with your friends, but "vaginal slack", cough cough, can you easily say these words? Many sisters feel that this has nothing to do with me, and my boyfriend/husband has never complained. Is it really?Don't be too busy to irritate the man's duplicity

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