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Xi'an Arcmoon Brand Management Company has been engaged in the export of Chinese characteristic products for several years, aiming to provide global customers with high-quality and low-cost products.Nigerian customer Martyns visited our company. Martyns has been engaged in the import and export of h



Hemorrhoids can heal on their own, should they be treated

my country's census data show that the incidence of anorectal diseases is 59.1%, and hemorrhoids account for 87.25% of all anorectal diseases. "Nine out of ten hemorrhoids" has become a true portrayal!Hemorrhoids are a part of the body and have the function of preventing the leakage of stool and



How does premature ejaculation occur

Premature ejaculation is the most common ejaculatory dysfunction, and the incidence is more than one third of adult men.The definition of premature ejaculation is still controversial. It is usually evaluated based on the ejaculation latency of men or the frequency of women reaching orgasm during



Too much sex can cause vaginal relaxation

I heard that rich experience in sex life will be loose? Many women and men have such concerns, in fact, there are many reasons for vaginal relaxation.What exactly is "vaginal relaxation"?In life, people often refer to "vaginal relaxation". Is this a disease? What are its symptoms?According to the do

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