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treat hemorrhoids gel suppliers

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Although hemorrhoids bother people's lives, not all hemorrhoids need to be hospitalized for treatment. For most patients, their symptoms can be relieved or healed through simple home care. If you want to avoid hemorrhoids, you have to start with the most basic lifestyle.1. Keep the anal area clean.



Causes of hemorrhoids

"The chrysanthemum is broken and the ground is wounded." People who suffer from hemorrhoids understand the pain deeply. The saying "ten people and nine hemorrhoids" also shows the scope of this unspeakable hidden harm. In the autumn and winter seasons, hemorrhoids start to "make chaos" again.



5 points to say goodbye to hemorrhoids

1. ControlAs the saying goes, "disease comes from the mouth", the "control" mentioned here means to control the "intake": friends with hemorrhoids should have a light diet, and tonic should be based on nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness.The diet should be strictly controlled, especially foods t



Are hemorrhoids genetic

Question 1.Children will definitely not get hemorrhoids, right?Hemorrhoids are a sign of age. With age, the incidence will increase, but this does not mean that children will not get hemorrhoids. Some children with weak constitution or constipation will have purple bubbles protruding from the anus d

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