The secret of slack vagina
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The secret of slack vagina

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You will talk about body shape and weight with female friends, but "vaginal slack", can you easily say these words? Many people think that this has nothing to do with me, and my boyfriend/husband has never complained. Is it really? Don't be too busy to irritate the man's duplicity. This kind of thing is already "tight", but does your man dare to speak? No matter how good his mouth is, it is better to look at his honest body. Not only for men, your experience will also decline and even affect orgasm. So, are you still "tight"?

If you want to be firm as before, teach you a simple and easy-to-learn trick: practice your pelvic floor muscles! Is vaginal relaxation related to pelvic floor muscles?

The relationship is big! The pelvic floor muscle is a circle of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, like a spring bed, supporting the abdominal organs, such as female vagina, bladder, uterus, and rectum. Through contraction and relaxation, the pelvic floor muscles control urination, defecation, sexual pleasure, and maintain vaginal tightening and other physiological functions.

"Vaginal relaxation" is a symptom of pelvic floor disease, the full name of this disease is female pelvic floor dysfunction disease (PFD).

Obesity, chronic cough, constipation...These factors will all lead to increased pressure in a woman's abdominal cavity, which in turn will increase pelvic pressure and pelvic floor muscle relaxation. Even if we have avoided these, the age factor is also a "catastrophe" that we cannot escape. Just as the face will age, the pelvic floor muscle strength will also decrease with age. When the pelvic floor is loose and weak enough to support the vagina, its physiological functions will naturally be hindered.

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