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Arcmoon Brand Management co.,Ltd selects high-quality and cost-effective products that are superior to the quality standards of the same industry,covering categories such as food,health care,daily care,etc.Further more,provide one-stop and all-round customer service.

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West Orchard Health Daily nuts

Large size exquisite gift box shows sincere desire
Chinese date: 650g*1bag,Diamond Jun jujube: 580g*1bag,Hami jujube: 450g*1bag, Thin skinned walnut: 550g*1bag, Dried apricot: 500g*1bag, Almonds(Original flavor): 200g*1bag, Amber Raisins: 250g*1bag, Green raisins: 250g*1bag

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  • West Orchard Health Daily nuts
  • West Orchard Health Daily nuts
  • West Orchard Health Daily nuts

West Orchard Health Daily nuts


Four-star Gift Box

Net weight


Shelf life

12 months


Please put in a cool dry ventilated place

Product Information

Large size exquisite gift box gives you a surprise!


Open the bag and eat it immediately


Dried cranberries, Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Hazelnut, Dried Blueberry.


Chinese date: 650g*1bag

Diamond Jun jujube: 580g*1bag

Hami jujube: 450g*1bag

Thin skinned walnut: 550g*1bag

Dried apricot: 500g*1bag

Almonds(Original flavor): 200g*1bag

Amber Raisins: 250g*1bag

Green raisins: 250g*1bag

Health Daily nuts

High-Quality and Cost-Effective products, including food, health care, daily care, etc.

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