What do you know about vaginitis(1)
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What do you know about vaginitis(1)

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    There is such a word, called "ten women and nine inflammation", which is likely to appear in a variety of gynecological gel files in your friends circle.

    Gynecological inflammation is not a simple disease. What gynecological inflammation in the end? colpitis? Cervicitis? pelvic infection? Vulvitis?

    The simple word "inflammation" can be said for three days and three nights! If you have to choose a boss, then the most common inflammation is vaginitis, and in vaginitis, the most common gynecological inflammation, the most common No.1 is bacterial vaginitis.

    Why use quotation marks?

    In fact, this word is wrong. We should not call it “bacterial vaginitis”, but “bacterial vaginosis”. That is, the BV that is often annoying and often appears "+" on the leucorrhea examination list.

    Why is it not called "inflammation" but "disease"?

    Because the clinical and pathological features of vaginitis are not accompanied by inflammatory changes and infiltration of white blood cells, it can not be called "inflammation", but called "disease".

    Bacterial vaginosis is the vaginal flora from Lactobacillus species to a more diverse flora, including facultative anaerobic bacteria, in a simple way, the vaginal flora has changed, disordered. This microbiome change will lead to vaginal pH rise, symptoms of varying degrees, light without any feeling, severe pruritus, odor is very annoying.

    Why is it inflammation No.1? Because it has a high incidence rate. Where there are women, there are gynecological diseases. There are gynecological diseases, there are bacterial vaginosis, this sentence is not exaggerated at all. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal secretion in women of childbearing age, accounting for 40% - 50% of the total patients.

    The national health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES) collected more than 3700 vaginal swabs collected by women themselves for examination. It is estimated that the prevalence of BV in American women aged 14-49 years is 29%, and that of African American women is 50%. This includes both symptomatic and asymptomatic infections.

    Bacterial vaginosis is not only a common disease of women of childbearing age in the world, but also can occur repeatedly, seriously affecting life.

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