What do you know about vaginitis(2)
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What do you know about vaginitis(2)

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    What are the symptoms?

    50% - 75% of female patients with bacterial vaginosis (BV) have no obvious symptoms. Women with symptoms usually show abnormal vaginal discharge and / or vaginal odor. Vaginal secretions are gray white, thin and even, with "fishy smell", which may be more obvious after rooming or menstruation.

    Some women may feel uncomfortable urinating. Under normal circumstances, BV alone will not cause urinary pain, sexual intercourse pain, pruritus, burning sensation or vaginitis, such as redness and edema. But if you have these symptoms at the same time, you should consider mixed vaginitis.

    How to diagnose?

    You'd better go to a regular hospital for examination. Compare your symptoms and leucorrhea examination report. If three of the following four items are consistent, then you can diagnose bacterial vaginosis Uniform, thin, gray white secretions adhere to the vaginal wall smoothly; Vaginal pH value was higher than 4.5; Amine odor test was positive; Clue cells were positive.

    What is the impact of vaginitis?

    Pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis have a relatively high risk of premature delivery, so timely treatment is needed during pregnancy. If patients with bacterial vaginosis, without treatment for abortion or surgical operation, can lead to abortion infection, endometrial bacterial colonization, endometrial inflammation, postpartum fever, vaginal stump cellulitis after hysterectomy and so on. Moreover, it is also a risk factor for HIV infection and transmission, as well as for HSV-2, gonorrhea, chlamydia and Trichomonas infection.

    It is even thought to be a risk factor for cervical precancerous lesions, because it may be involved in the persistent infection of HPV, but more studies are needed to confirm this.

    At present, it is speculated that the increased risk of sexually transmitted infections in BV female patients is due to the lack of hydrogen peroxide producing Lactobacillus in their vaginal flora; other factors related to BV infection, such as local cytokine production, may also play a role.

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