What is hemorrhoids
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What is hemorrhoids

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    Hemorrhoids is a popular name, but in fact it is not a sore, but a venous disease in the anus. Under normal circumstances, when a person continues to defecate, the intravenous pressure at the bottom of the anus and anal mucosa will increase repeatedly, the veins will continue to swell, and then one or more soft vein clusters will be formed. Once this venous mass becomes inflamed, it becomes hemorrhoids.

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    The main manifestation of hemorrhoids is blood in the stool. The nature of blood in the stool can be painless, intermittent, blood after the stool, dripping blood in the stool or blood on the toilet paper, and aggravated by constipation, drinking alcohol or eating irritating food. Simple internal hemorrhoids have no pain but a sense of swelling. They can bleed and progress to prolapse. The pain only occurs when they are combined with thrombosis, incarceration, and infection. External hemorrhoids usually have no special symptoms, and there may be swelling and pain when thrombosis and inflammation occur.

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