Why do we eat seasonal fruits
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Why do we eat seasonal fruits

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    Although fruit is a kind of healthy food, it is better to eat more seasonal fruits. The nutritional value and safety of seasonal fruits are higher than those of anti seasonal fruits. This is a gift of nature. Today, let's take a look at the seasonal fruit schedule.

1、Why do we eat seasonal fruits?

    Seasonal fruits are fruits that mature according to natural laws. From the point of view of nutrition, seasonal fruits mature under natural conditions, and their accumulated nutrients such as sugar, vitamins and minerals are more suitable for human needs. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, "law in Yin and Yang", people, animals and plants need to abide by the natural way of “yin and Yang gasification”. Therefore, only eating seasonal fruits and vegetables can not damage their own healthy qi and live a long life. However, the off-season fruits have various problems such as hormone ripening, immature picking, long-term transportation and storage, which lead to the residues of harmful substances and low nutritional value, so they should be eaten less.

2、 It's best to eat local fruits

    We have been used to the so-called "tall" Western food, but forget that the real wisdom lies in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that food is a natural product, with its own characteristics of Qi, taste, sex, and so on. As the saying goes, only local seasonal vegetables and fruits can meet the needs of local people. We are now pursuing the chemical concept of Western medicine too much, and have developed a series of high-end technologies, such as genetically modified food, hormone ripening, greenhouse planting, soilless cultivation, etc. on the surface, we have overcome the limitations of time and space, but in fact, we have seriously deviated from the laws of nature at the expense of modern people's health.

3、 Seasonal fruit schedule

    Although the time division standard of four seasons is different in the southern hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere, and slightly different in different regions of China, in most regions of China, the four seasons are still distinct, so there are obvious seasonal differences in fruits.

1. Spring (from March to May of Gregorian calendar)

    Pineapple is ripe in March; mango, cherry and Mangosteen are ripe in April; strawberry, bayberry, pitaya, apricot, fig and melon are ripe in May.

2. Summer (June to August of Gregorian calendar)

    In June, longan, peach, litchi and plum are ripe, durian, Hami melon, grape, mulberry and watermelon are ripe in July, and raisin is mature in August.

3. Autumn (from September to November of Gregorian calendar)

    Pomegranate, pear, persimmon and kiwi fruit ripen in September, jujube, citrus and grapefruit mature in October, and apple and Hawthorn in November.

4. Winter (December to February Gregorian calendar)

    In December, orange and kumquat are ripe; in January, papaya, green jujube and carambola are ripe; in February, sugarcane, etc.

    Conclusion: the above listed seasonal fruit time is based on the situation in most areas of China. It should be noted that due to different sunshine, temperature and other conditions in different regions of China, the natural ripening time of various fruits varies from place to place. Therefore, the ripening time of seasonal fruits should be taken as the standard.

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