Why would hemorrhoids bleed
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Why would hemorrhoids bleed

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Too many friends around me are troubled by hemorrhoids from time to time. A little carelessness such as drinking alcohol or eating spicy food will trigger the onset of hemorrhoids. So what is the matter with hemorrhoids? What are the symptoms? Who are more likely to get sick? How to prevent it?

The incidence of hemorrhoids is very high, reaching 56.7% of adults over the age of 20. With the increase of age, this number is constantly refreshing. After the age of 50, the number of people with mixed hemorrhoids is as high as 95%, and there is no difference between men and women.

As this reason, many people think that since hemorrhoids are so common, they can be regarded as a minor illness, and they can bear it. Some people worry about the possibility of hemorrhoids becoming cancerous and worry about it every day.

Too much worry about hemorrhoids is no benefit to the condition and body and mind, but it should not be ignored. If you have hemorrhoids, timely treatment and relief measures are necessary. First of all, you must observe whether you have these manifestations, whether hemorrhoids are on your body.

1. Under normal circumstances, when a person has a bowel movement, his bowel movements are smooth and very relaxed, and he can discharge once or twice a day. But when you can’t get a schedule once a day, often once every few days, the process is very unsuccessful. This is a sign of hemorrhoids.

This condition is not very serious. You can make proper adjustments in your diet, eat more foods that contain more water, and ensure that the food is light, which will have a certain improvement effect.

2. Bleeding is found after going to the toilet, which may be another sign of hemorrhoids. Some people will ignore it and think it is a simple problem of getting angry. In fact, this phenomenon is mostly related to hemorrhoids, and it is more serious. Don't ignore it. Daily life needs to be adjusted and go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to prevent the problem from becoming more serious. serious.

3. People who often experience itching or pain around the anus should also pay attention. This is another symptom of hemorrhoids. The degree of itching and pain is different, and the severity of hemorrhoids is also different. It can be determined that the stronger the itching and pain, the more severe the hemorrhoids. Don’t ignore this problem, don’t mistake it for a bacterial infection

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