Would hemorrhoids cause blood in stool
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Would hemorrhoids cause blood in stool

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Hemorrhoids are so common and easy to recur, so people need to be prepared to fight it for a long time. Doing well in these aspects can relieve hemorrhoids, and maybe there is the possibility of self-healing.

1. Hyperactivity

Most people have the need to sit for a long time because of the nature of work, which is also a key factor in causing hemorrhoids. You might as well get up from the stool at regular intervals and walk around, or stretch your limbs, or exercise after get off work. Stick to 30 minutes a day. The important thing is to develop a habit and persevere. After a period of time, I believe that the problem of hemorrhoids will occur. Improved.

2. Diet

Diet is also an important cause of hemorrhoids. It tastes heavy and loves spicy food. Although it tastes refreshing, these foods will not make you feel good when digested and excreted. Usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and fiber-rich foods, a light diet, that is suitable for the body's needs, but also relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. At the same time, get rid of the habit of not drinking water and keep enough water every day to keep the body hydrated, so hemorrhoids are naturally afraid to come.

3. Often do levator ani exercises

Often doing levator anus exercises is equivalent to exercising the muscles of the anal area and increasing disease resistance. The method is very simple, as long as the whole body is relaxed, you can use sitting, standing or lying postures. In the process, throw away all distractions, consciously contract the anus, slowly lift it up, similar to forcing stool, then relax. It can be repeated several times or dozens of times, and it can be done twice a day. This exercise can be done unknowingly while working, hitchhiking, walking or resting.

Relieving hemorrhoids is not too difficult, you just need to use more snacks. People with hemorrhoids must pay attention to the fact that the tissues used should not contain fragrances or chemicals. Hemorrhoids are very sensitive, and they are prone to deterioration if they encounter perfume and other chemicals.

At the same time, be careful not to use common soaps to clean the anus, which can easily irritate or dry the hemorrhoids. Do not use aspirin, or make bleeding worse.

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