6 ways to avoid hemorrhoids
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6 ways to avoid hemorrhoids

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Although hemorrhoids bother people's lives, not all hemorrhoids need to be hospitalized for treatment. For most patients, their symptoms can be relieved or healed through simple home care. If you want to avoid hemorrhoids, you have to start with the most basic lifestyle.

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1. Keep the anal area clean.

Wash it with clean water after going to the toilet, and then gently dry it to reduce the friction of the paper on the anal area. Always use warm water to "sit bath" to keep the anal area moist and prevent rupture and bleeding caused by dryness. .

2. Develop good bowel habits and squat shortly after going to the toilet.

Many patients with hemorrhoids suffer from constipation at the same time, and constipation can cause and aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you want to improve this condition, you must first develop good bowel habits. Try to have a bowel movement at a fixed time every day. When the specified time is reached, even if there is no intention to defecate, you should perform squatting behavior, and gradually develop good bowel habits through adjustment. At the same time, pay attention to increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables to keep the intestinal tract unobstructed.

For people who are accustomed to using mobile phones in the toilet, they must pay attention to controlling the time of going to the toilet. Long-term use of the toilet will increase the possibility of constipation and hemorrhoids. At the same time, it will also cause the anal muscles to become less elastic, sag muscles, and harm intestinal health. .

3. Drink water frequently and eat more whole grains and crude fiber foods.

Drinking plenty of water can replenish body moisture, soften the stool in the intestines, prevent it from being too dry and hard to crack the anal area, and at the same time, it can also keep the anal area moist and not too "fragile"! The intake of crude fiber food can increase intestinal motility, help defecation, and reduce the occurrence of constipation.

4. Don't scratch the "chrysanthemum" position!

Hemorrhoids are itchy and painful when they come on. Some people can't help but scratch with their hands. This is not only unhygienic, but may also cause skin breakage and infection.

5. Develop good eating habits.

Eat a light diet, quit smoking and drinking, and at the same time, be careful not to maintain a long posture to prevent stress on the "chrysanthemum". At the same time, try to lift as little as possible to prevent excessive abdominal pressure from causing hemorrhoids.

6. Do levator ani exercises frequently.

The levator ani exercise is not only effective for women's plasticity and prevention of hemorrhoids, but also easy to learn but not easy to detect! While inhaling, the anus is tightened and lifted, and then relaxed. Take 30 as a group, do two to three groups a day, and stick to it for a period of time to see obvious results. Especially those who often sit and stand for a long time should do levator anus exercises frequently to help the "chrysanthemum" stay healthy. Hemorrhoids are also prone to recurrence. Daily maintenance and care of the "chrysanthemum" must be strengthened to prevent problems.

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