7 tips to take off the Premature ejaculation
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7 tips to take off the Premature ejaculation

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How to prevent premature ejaculation in married life? The British women's popular magazine "Metropolis" recently published 7 tips, which are worthy of men's collection.

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1. Use condoms

San Francisco sexologist and sociologist Dr. Carol Quinn said that condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies, and can also reduce the worries of both parties psychologically and help improve symptoms of premature ejaculation. In addition, wearing a condom can reduce friction, reduce stimulation sensitivity, and prolong passion time.

2. Pay attention to her needs

The man first focuses on his partner, caressing him fully, and does foreplay. This not only relieves the pressure of the man, but also helps the woman to be happy.

3. Try the penis ring

The penis ring can increase the pressure around DD, keep its blood flow sufficient, and help erection. It is best to choose a ring with an adjusting buckle and elastic material, but it is best to use it for no more than 20 minutes, so as not to cause congestion or greater danger.

4. Intermittent love

During the love process, when the man has a premonition that he is going to ejaculate, he should stop immediately, and then continue when the feeling of ejaculation has completely disappeared. It can be paused many times during the whole process. This kind of repetitive intermittent love can effectively prevent premature ejaculation and can also wait for her to be aroused slowly.

5. Help her reach orgasm

Most women's orgasm comes from clitoral stimulation. When the man helps the woman reach an orgasm, the stress and psychological anxiety caused by premature ejaculation will be greatly relieved.

6. Squeeze the lower part of the glans

If there is excessive excitement in love, you may stop and moderately squeeze the lower part of the glans, use your thumb and index finger to compress and concentrate the pressure on the urethra. This squeezing method can squeeze blood out of the penis, temporarily reduce sexual intensity, inhibit ejaculation reflex, and extend the "battle" time.

7. Talk about premature ejaculation when not in affection

When preparing passion, couples talk about extremely sensitive issues such as premature ejaculation, which will pour a pot of cold water on the passion. Find the right time to communicate frankly and take measures to avoid premature ejaculation.

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