Are hemorrhoids genetic
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Are hemorrhoids genetic

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Question 1.

    Children will definitely not get hemorrhoids, right?

    Hemorrhoids are a sign of age. With age, the incidence will increase, but this does not mean that children will not get hemorrhoids. Some children with weak constitution or constipation will have purple bubbles protruding from the anus during defecation. When they are older, they have small fingernails. This is actually a varicose vein external hemorrhoid. In most cases, constipation can be improved, but if a single one is too large, a minor operation can be used to solve it.

Question 2.

    Can I get hemorrhoids if I eat hot pepper?

    Don't worry, it won't! In the vast regions of world, people generally like to eat spicy food, while the southeast region does not like spicy food. We have not found a big difference in the incidence of hemorrhoids in these two regions. But why did this misunderstanding arise? It is very dangerous for some people who rarely eat spicy food to eat suddenly. So some patients ask whether they can eat spicy food after surgery? The answer is: yes! But it should be appropriate.

Question 3.

    My butt doesn't hurt or itchy, there must be no hemorrhoids, right? 

    The answer to this question is: not necessarily. Some patients came to the clinic and checked for very serious hemorrhoids, but he (she) said, "I never have any pain, how come I have hemorrhoids?" No pain is not necessarily a hemorrhoid, and pain is not necessarily a hemorrhoid. The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids are bleeding and prolapse, which are generally not painful, and only painful when accompanied by an acute attack of thrombo-edema. There are other causes of anal pain, such as abscesses, so you cannot judge whether there is hemorrhoids by pain.

Question 4.

    Is the surgery time fast?

    Regarding this question, the answer is: NO! Many patients lie on the operating table, and the biggest hope is that it will end soon. So at this time someone tells you that 3 minutes will do. You will definitely think the method is good. A few days ago, an operation took a little longer, but the patient always comforted him and said, "Doctor, don't worry, you must do it carefully for me." But don't praise him first, because he really doesn't want to do it for the sixth time. Greedy quickly made him rule for nothing.

    Do you understand the above question? 

    Through today’s puzzles, I hope that more people will not be at a loss or make detours when facing the small illness of "hemorrhoids", go to the anorectal department of a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, use the correct treatment methods, and avoid being rumors and Putian. Fudge from the hospital! I also wish every patient a speedy recovery.

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