Are premature ejaculation curable
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Are premature ejaculation curable

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Premature Ejaculation

    The male premature ejaculation delay training method allows you to say goodbye to "Mr. fast"!

    Premature ejaculation is a disease that makes it difficult for men to talk about. It is precisely because of the privacy of this disease that many men do not go to the hospital to choose treatment for the sake of face. The disease of premature ejaculation can only become more and more serious. Then, is there any premature ejaculation? What about the delay method? Let's take a look!

    1. Psychological adjustment of delayed premature ejaculation training

    Coordination between husband and wife is required. Both spouses should be informed that premature ejaculation is a relatively common problem. Both spouses need to understand the necessity and possibility of rebuilding ejaculation conditioned reflexes, eliminate the patient's anxiety, anxiety, guilt and other abnormal psychology, and build confidence in curing the disease, as long as both parties cooperate Treatment can still be cured.

    2. Guidance on behavioral methods of delayed premature ejaculation training

    The basic treatment method of intensive sexy training is to teach patients to experience and enjoy sexual pleasure through hug, touch, massage and other tactile stimulation methods, and to overcome psychological obstacles. You can also pull down the scrotum and testicles before reaching orgasm, or squeeze the glans with your thumb and index finger to reduce sexual excitement and reduce erectile hardness by 10% to 25%. After a long period of training, they will perform sexual intercourse in a female superior manner, and still use twitch-stop-re-twitch training repeatedly, gradually increasing the ejaculation stimulation threshold, so as to achieve a more satisfactory artificial control before ejaculation.

    3. Intermittent stimulation of penis during premature ejaculation delay training

    The man lies on his back and concentrates his attention completely on experiencing the feeling that the woman stimulates the penis. The woman sits next to the man or between his legs, and slowly strokes the penis with her hand to make it erect. The man said that he is about to reach an orgasm. Stop touching the penis and let the lust subside. A few minutes later, the woman continued to stroke the penis again to make the man excited again. This is repeated so that the patient can gradually tolerate a lot of stimulation without ejaculating. The number of intermittents is gradually reduced. In the end, there is no need to rest in the middle, and it can withstand long-term continuous stimulation without premature ejaculation.

    This kind of training can also be carried out by the patient himself masturbating, experiencing the strength and weakness of the stimulation, and similar training can also be carried out during intercourse, such as reducing the amplitude and speed of the penis twitching or pausing the twitching, reducing sexual excitement, when the penis is about to become weak Twitch again. Repeat this procedure to prolong the time of intercourse and wait until the woman reaches orgasm before ejaculating.

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