Can hemorrhoids be contagious
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Can hemorrhoids be contagious

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With the improvement of people's living standards, the increase of people's work and life pressure and the change of eating habits, the incidence of anorectal diseases in our country has increased significantly. As a common disease, whether hemorrhoids can be contagious or not has become a common consultation and concern for patients with anorectal disease.

Hemorrhoids can occur in any age group and any group of people, including the elderly, children, men and women. Hemorrhoids are also a common clinical anal disease. After hemorrhoids appear, the health of the patient is easily threatened. The incidence of hemorrhoids is very high, but most people do not know enough about hemorrhoids, so that there is a certain misunderstanding about hemorrhoids. Will hemorrhoids be contagious?

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Infectious diseases are usually caused by viruses and bacteria and spread through air, food, and various other contacts. There are three necessary conditions for infectious diseases: the source of infection, the route of transmission, and the susceptible population. The cause of the disease is viruses or bacteria.

The occurrence of hemorrhoids is not caused by bacterial or viral infections, but caused by various causes of venous reflux disorder, siltation, and varicose of the mucosa and muscle layer of the rectum and anus. It is not directly related to viral and bacterial infections. Some people will develop hemorrhoid mucosal erosion, or even become infected with pus to become a perianal abscess, but this symptom has little to do with the cause of hemorrhoids itself, it is only a factor that induces hemorrhoids. In addition, hemorrhoids themselves cannot produce pathogens. Therefore, hemorrhoid disease itself is not contagious.

If a patient with hemorrhoids suffers from an intestinal infectious disease, then an intestinal infectious disease may occur, which may induce hemorrhoids over time and it is impossible to get hemorrhoids immediately.

Although hemorrhoids are not contagious, the following factors may cause hemorrhoids.

Due to professional reasons or personal living habits, many people have the habit of sitting for a long time. In the sitting posture, the anus and cecum are located in the lower part of the human body, which will make the hemorrhoid veins return poorly, which can easily lead to hemorrhoids over time. So try not to stay in the same position for a long time.

If time permits, you can do more small activities after sitting for a long time to help blood circulation throughout the body. Proper exercise can not only enhance disease resistance, but also help blood circulation, reconcile qi and blood throughout the body, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and prevent dry stools.

When going to the toilet, I like to play with my mobile phone. It takes more than ten or twenty minutes to go in. This is the habit of many people squatting in the toilet. Excessive defecation time will increase abdominal pressure and affect local blood circulation in the anus. At the same time, inattentive defecation and prolonged defecation time will increase the dryness of the stool and increase the difficulty of defecation. Difficulty, endless bowel movements, hard stools, etc. may increase the risk of hemorrhoids.

Medical tips:

If you have hemorrhoids, it is actually more difficult for you to get better on your own. If you delay the treatment, it will only make the hemorrhoids heavier and worse, and may even cause anemia, anal eczema and other diseases. So once you have hemorrhoids, don’t be afraid of embarrassment, let alone alarmism, go to the hospital in time, choose reasonable treatment measures, and improve through medication, surgery, etc., in order to prevent the deterioration of hemorrhoids and threaten your health. Find out as soon as possible Treatment is the most correct way. I hope everyone can have a healthy body.

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