Causes of hemorrhoids
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Causes of hemorrhoids

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"The chrysanthemum is broken and the ground is wounded." People who suffer from hemorrhoids understand the pain deeply. The saying "ten people and nine hemorrhoids" also shows the scope of this unspeakable hidden harm. In the autumn and winter seasons, hemorrhoids start to "make chaos" again. If you find that your colleagues or friends look ugly after going to the toilet and walk in weird posture, don't be surprised. At this moment, he or she may be facing hemorrhoids.

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01. "Nine hemorrhoids in ten people", how did hemorrhoids get?

Hemorrhoids, although they sound like "sores", they are actually a disease of the corpus cavernosum. The reason why humans are more susceptible to hemorrhoids than animals is mainly because after walking upright, the buttocks, especially the anus, are pressed at the bottom. Under the action of the earth's gravity, the venous blood in the anus is not easy to return upwards, and it will gradually change over time. It is loose and elastic.

The normal rectal corpus cavernosum will contract and move down along with the surrounding muscles during the defecation process, helping the stool to be excreted smoothly. After all the things are resolved, the rectal corpus cavernosum will actively close the door. However, after the autumn, the weather is very dry. At this time, because the water evaporates too fast, the corpus cavernous part of the rectum becomes very dry. At this time, if the stool is relatively dry or suffers from constipation, it may be scratched and cause bleeding. In addition, the tradition of "sticking autumn fat" has made many people start eating, barbecues, hot pots, and beverages appear in turn. These stimulations will cause the corpus cavernosum blood vessels to dilate and congest, which can cause hemorrhoids over time.

In addition, long-term maintenance of a movement, especially sitting, standing or squatting for a long time, will increase the pressure in the abdomen and hinder the flow of blood, so that the blood vessels in the anorectal area will always be in a dilated state, and hemorrhoids will form over time. Modern people usually swipe their mobile phones when going to the toilet. This practice will cause the time to go to the toilet unconsciously to lengthen, and long-term swelling and edema of the anal area will inevitably lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids.

02. What are the manifestations of hemorrhoids?

The types of hemorrhoids are different, including internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and mixed hemorrhoids. The symptoms are mainly as follows:

1. Blood in the stool and prolapse of hemorrhoids.

Light patients have blood or blood stains on their stools, and severe patients may experience jet-like bleeding, which may lead to anemia over time.

2. Perianal pain.

Oedema and infection after the prolapse of internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids, or thromboembolism of external hemorrhoids, may cause pain in the perianal area. The pain sensation varies with the degree.

3. Pain in the anal area.

The prolapse of the hemorrhoids will increase the secretion, cause itching in nearby areas, and increase the discomfort.

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