Characteristics of the current international situation of traditional Chinese medicine
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Characteristics of the current international situation of traditional Chinese medicine

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With the development of economic globalization and the integration of science and technology, the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine have become increasingly apparent, and are increasingly valued and welcomed by people all over the world. In the context of my country's rising international status and increasing influence, Chinese medicine has spread rapidly in various countries.

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1. Acupuncture has promoted the spread of Chinese medicine worldwide


In the 1970s, the success of Chinese acupuncture anesthesia shocked the world medical community. On July 26, 1971, the "New York Times" published an article by reporter Reston's "Surgery", telling about his experience of receiving acupuncture treatment after appendix surgery, which sparked acupuncture fever in the United States and spread Chinese acupuncture throughout the United States and Western countries.  A survey shows that: of the 202 countries surveyed, 183 countries use acupuncture anesthesia; among the 192 member states of the United Nations, 178 have acupuncture practice (93%), and 59 countries have acupuncture Therapy organization.


With the in-depth study of the principles of acupuncture and the continuous increase in international exchanges, the therapeutic and health care effects of acupuncture have been recognized. Most countries recognize the legal qualifications of acupuncture and moxibustion, and some countries have included acupuncture and moxibustion in medical insurance. People from all over the world gradually understand the Chinese medicine system through learning, research, and use of acupuncture. In addition, a large number of mainland Chinese Medicine Hospital graduates have gone abroad to provide Chinese medicine services to local people, offer Chinese medicine education, and publicize Chinese medicine technology, so that Chinese medicine can spread rapidly.


2. The international dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine started from the people, recognized by the people, and formed an impact that attracted the attention of the government.

Since the international dissemination of Chinese medicine is dominated by Chinese people, Chinese medicine clinics have been opened in various countries to provide services directly to the public, so that the people benefit from their personal experience and are widely welcomed. In some European and American countries, government hospitals are not very efficient due to the overburden of medical insurance. In order to please voters, open the Internet and provide a relatively loose environment for the development of Chinese medicine.


When it reaches a certain level, it attracts the government's attention and begins to regulate, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese government. As of 2016, the government has signed 86 special Chinese medicine cooperation agreements bilaterally, and most of the 14 signed Sino-foreign free trade agreements include Chinese medicine.

anti aging cream for women factory - Arcmoon 3. The international dissemination of Chinese medicine follows the process of first medical treatment, then education and then science and technology, and the people's perceptual and rational understanding.


(1) The understanding of traditional Chinese medicine by the people of various countries often starts from the benefits of medical treatment, and then attracts students to learn, and then explore the secrets. Judging from the current status quo, Chinese medicine clinics are widely popularized, the healthcare system is relatively mature, education is developing rapidly, and science and technology are taking off.


(2) Traditional Chinese medicine clinics are popular in European and American countries, showing localized characteristics. The medical mode of Chinese medicine mainly exists in the form of clinics in most countries, and only a few countries such as Southeast Asia have Chinese medicine hospitals. The Chinese medicine clinics that exist in Europe, the United States and other countries have not been included in the management of medical institutions, and the practitioners have not obtained legal doctor qualifications. 

Some of these countries stipulate that only those who have obtained the qualifications of practicing doctors in their own countries can engage in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. However, there are a large number of Chinese medicine clinics in these countries, with a population of about 10,000 to 15,000. This reflects the needs of society, the space for Chinese doctors under the Western legal framework, and the level of popularity of clinics. And showed obvious localization characteristics.


(3) TCM education has entered the formal academic education system from the spontaneous small workshop model, showing the characteristics of the times.


With the increasing demand for Chinese medicine talents in various countries, Chinese medicine education institutions have developed rapidly. The main form is to set up a Chinese medicine major in a local university; or to jointly run a degree program with a domestic university; or to recognize academic qualifications by the social running government. According to statistics, there are 695 TCM education institutions in 45 countries where TCM education is well developed in five continents.


(4) Traditional Chinese medicine technology is valued by governments, famous universities and pharmaceutical companies in various countries, and scientific and technological cooperation will be a hot spot and focus in the future.


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France, Italy, Luxembourg and other countries have established government-supported special research institutions, which have attracted the participation of leading scientists from famous universities and R&D institutions including Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge. From 2008 to 2009, the EU FP7 Framework Program funded two TCM topics for the first time.


4. The deepening from "shu" to "dao". Due to the dual attributes of TCM, the international spread of TCM has led to the spread of Chinese culture. People’s understanding of TCM has gone from the initial mystery to learning from it, and the methods of preventing and curing diseases, and experiencing the profoundness of TCM. Eventually become a lover of Chinese culture.

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