Chinese medicine becomes more international(Part2)
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Chinese medicine becomes more international(Part2)

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Relevant people said that the international status and influence of Chinese medicine should be further strengthened. There is a process of accumulation. The length of this process is determined by two internal and external factors: the internal cause is to combine the advantages and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology. 

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To realize the modernization and standardization of Chinese medicine; the external cause is to continuously deepen the international community’s understanding and respect for Chinese medicine, and to incorporate Chinese medicine into the mainstream medical system.

As acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine methods are recognized in more and more countries and regions, the potential of traditional Chinese medicine is expected to be further explored through modern medical technology and standards. 

During the International Forum on the World Traditional Medicine System, some experts believed that, taking artemisinin as an example, its research and development process is completely different from the traditional "torture" of traditional Chinese medicine. From the screening and refining of medicinal materials, clinical trials, crystal acquisition, structural analysis, artificial synthesis to the development of new drugs, modern medical technology and standards have played an important role. 

This also shows that Chinese and Western medicine have their own strengths, and the organic combination of the two and complementary advantages will have greater development potential and better development prospects.

No matter Western medicine or Chinese medicine, safe and effective medicine is good medicine. People concerned believe that the path to modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine should be diversified. Whether a drug is effective or not, clinical data should be used to speak, so that patients can be convinced and recognized by the market.

The white paper "Chinese Medicine in China" just published by China provides a good explanation of China's policies and measures for the development of Chinese medicine, the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine, and the international exchange and cooperation of Chinese medicine. 

People have reason to believe that by advancing the innovation-driven development of Chinese medicine, strengthening scientific and technological support; by integrating research methods such as biomedicine and system science, innovating and developing Chinese medicine theory and technology; by strengthening the overall planning of Chinese medicine science and technology projects and other measures , Chinese medicine will become more "international" and will certainly benefit mankind more.

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