Dear Day Multi Liposomes Essence (Single-use)
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Dear Day Multi Liposomes Essence (Single-use)

Liposome package and compound, effectively brightening and moisturizing, nourishing the skin, repairing the dry and rough skin. Make skin elastic and smooth, presenting beautiful and glorious smooth muscle.
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Product Name: Ferment essence serumwholesale natural sources of hyaluronic acid-Arcmoon

Brand: Dear day

Key ingredients: Natural rice yeast extract, 

                           Bifida ferment lysate,Water

Usage: Suitable for all skin types.

             Safe to use during pregnancy.

Specification: 30 vials- 1.1 ml

Note: Multi-peptide formula that improves moisture lock-in, firming

         of skin and brightens skin tone. Quick absorption to hydrate

         various skin layers.


Recommended for one-time usage for each piece once sealant is broken to avoid contamination.

Multi-Peptide Formula

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Composed of amino acids, Carnosine has antioxldant 

and antlaging propertes. 

It is also found to have antiglycation properties 

which protect against collagen breakdown.

Whitening Peptide

Induce brightening of the skin.

Possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin repair peptide

Repairs the various skin layercells, promoting healthy and

stabilising cellular growth.

What causes our skin to age?

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Multi-Peptide Formula Single Use To Ensure

           Effectiveness of Formula

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Lightening formula to improve skin and reduce 

pigmentation accumulation


Promote the tormation of keratin, strengthening 

the skin foundation.



Strengthen skin's natural barier to lock in moisture

Multi-peptide formula is suitable for all skin types. 

Users of age 25 and above can consider using the 

product to reduce the effects of aging.



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A: Peptides are short chain of amino acids comprising of 

less thian 20 variety of amin acids.These amino acids are

the building blocks of protein which is essential in promoting

the growth of collagen and skin cellular repair.


PROMOTE THE FORMATION OF COLLAGEN?Skin Whitening serum certification-Arcmoon

A: Dear Day Multi-peptide serum is formulated with a 

variety of peptides, each with their unique properties 

and functions.These properties allow the peptide to 

effectively target the various layers of the skin therefore 

repairing and promoting cellular growth from within. 

Achieving firmness and brightening of the skin.

Compound liposome single essence

Liposome encapsulation composition patent No. : 201810690938.9

Product ingredients: water, propylene glycol, butanediol, niacinamide, rice fermented product filtrate, licorice flavonoids, glycerin, hydrogenated lecithin, ceramide 3, octyl lauryl alcohol, cholesteryl, polyglycerol - 10 stearate, octylic acid/decanoic acid triglycerides, coconut oil-based glucoside, different nonyl pelargonic acid ester, phenyl ethyl resorcinol, 3 - o - ethyl ascorbic acid, tocopherol acetate, lecithin

Description: Liposome package and compound, effectively brightening and moisturizing, nourishing the skin, repairing the dry and rough skin. Make skin elastic and smooth, presenting beautiful and glorious smooth muscle.

Increase the skin metabolism and peel off the melanin

Inhibit the melanosome migration from melanin cell to keratinization cell 

Inhibit the formation of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase

Inhibit the formation of melanin by stopping the cell division and reducing the amount of melanocytes

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