Dear Day Sheep Placenta Extract Essence (Single-use)
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Dear Day Sheep Placenta Extract Essence (Single-use)

Contain hydrolyzed placenta(sheep) extract, moisten and nourish muscles. skin, tighten, pores, smooth dry lines and fine lines, continue to use. Make your skin tight, moist, even and transparent.
  • Anti-aging and repairing skin serum
  • Dear Day essence
  • essence for dark yellow skin

Dear Day Compound sheep placenta single essence

Ingredients: Water, hydrolyzed placenta (sheep) extract, propylene glycol, glycerin, betaine, pea (PISUM SATIVUM) seed extract, lactic acid bacteria fermentation products, sodium hyaluronate, sodium polyaspartic acid, allantoin, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, essence

Product description: add high content of sheep placenta, improve the rough feeling of repairing skin, normalize the process of repairing skin. Elastic moist and firm, let the skin tight elastic water slippery. At the same time complex amino acids, improve the skin translucent moisture, skin luster bright.

Effects of sheep placenta: Anti-aging, adjusting immunity (repairing skin)

Sheep placenta contains various nutrients. It is necessary for skin cells, and it accelerates the growth of protein, fat, actin, elastin and gelin of skin cells, delaying and reducing wrinkles and various aging phenomena. On the other hand, it has the function of promoting the division of body and skin cells, speeding up new cells replacing old cells, filling skin fullness and restoring skin elasticity. Unique small molecule peptide active ingredient, repair skin barrier function, promote skin keratinocytes and cytoplasmic matrix Mosaic, thus improve the skin, reduce skin pores, make skin delicate and flawless, restore skin luster.

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