Do many people really get hemorrhoids?
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Do many people really get hemorrhoids?

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Nine hemorrhoids in ten people do not need to be treated" is wrong. No need for treatment refers to hemorrhoids that do not show symptoms, but once they have symptoms such as bleeding, prolapse, and pain, they do not treat and care about it, it will aggravate their own pain and cause health hazards. Hemorrhoids are easy to get worse in autumn and winter. Therefore, timely treatment is necessary to avoid the shadow of hemorrhoids in winter. There are many ways to prevent and treat hemorrhoids. As long as you pay attention to doing it in your daily life, you can not only prevent and reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids, but also reduce symptoms, reduce and prevent the onset of hemorrhoids for patients who already have hemorrhoids. The main ones are as follows several aspects:

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1.Keep clean around the anus

The anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon are places where feces are stored and excreted. The feces contain many bacteria. The area around the anus is easily contaminated by these bacteria, which can induce infections of sweat glands and sebaceous glands around the anus, resulting in boils and abscesses. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the area around the anus clean, fumigating with warm water every day, and changing underwear frequently, which can prevent hemorrhoids.

2.Prevent constipation

The stool that is normally discharged is shaped and soft, not dry and not thin, and does not feel difficult to defecate during defecation, and has a relaxed and comfortable feeling after defecation, which indicates that the gastrointestinal function is good. If the constipation is hard, it will not only be difficult to defecate, but also because of the accumulation of stool in the intestinal cavity, the pressure in the anorectal blood vessels will increase, and the blood return disorder will cause the hemorrhoid venous plexus to form hemorrhoids.

3.Take more exercise

Regular participation in a variety of sports activities can enhance the body's ability to resist diseases, reduce the possibility of disease, and also have a certain preventive effect on hemorrhoids. This is because physical exercise is beneficial to blood circulation, regulate blood oxygen balance , promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve pelvic congestion, prevent constipation, and prevent hemorrhoids.

4.Health care during pregnancy

After pregnancy, women can cause increased abdominal pressure. Especially in the late pregnancy, the inferior vena cava is compressed by the increasingly enlarged uterus, which directly affects the reflux of the hemorrhoidal vein and easily induces hemorrhoids. In addition, the general activity of pregnant women is relatively reduced, causing weakened gastrointestinal function, feces stay in the intestinal cavity, and the water in the feces is reabsorbed, causing dry stools and inducing hemorrhoids. Therefore, activities should be appropriately increased during pregnancy. Avoid standing for a long time, sitting for a long time, and pay attention to keeping the stool smooth.

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However,procrastination will not only make the condition not get better, it will also make the condition worse and even cause disease. If left unattended for a long time, it is easy to cause congestion to rupture, venous lumps, and rapid aggravation of the condition, which may cause other anorectal complications such as anal fistula, anal fissure, and perianal abscess. In severe cases, it may even lead to swelling and distortion in the anus due to long-term symptoms . The vein wall becomes thin and ruptures during defecation, causing rectal disease.

As the saying goes, “ten people and nine hemorrhoids” didn’t feel that much before. Later I learned that many friends around me had hemorrhoids, but they were ashamed to talk about hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not just blood in the stool, pain, and itching. Hemorrhoids have been a common disease since ancient times. Onset. Getting hemorrhoids will bring many inconveniences to life and work, and at the same time endanger one's health.

These delicious foods will also help you relieve hemorrhoids:

Honey is  very delicious and health. If you drink it with honey soaked in water, take a cup each morning and evening. It can moisturize the dryness and smooth the intestines, nourish the intestines and detoxify, and it is a good choice for patients with internal hemorrhoid bleeding caused by dry stool.

The nutritional value of Luo Han Guo is very high. It is helpful to speed up the excretion of toxins in the body, relieve constipation, and treat hemorrhoids. Luo Han Guo soaking in water can also moisturize the intestines and relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

Lettuce contains natural folic acid, vitamin C, iron and other nutrients. Regular consumption can help promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce the pressure on local blood vessels in the anus, and can effectively prevent or relieve constipation and hemorrhoids. The dietary therapy is very helpful for external use of foreign teramine.

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