Do you know about vaginal detox gel
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Do you know about vaginal detox gel

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Hewlett-Packard Biology now sees a very popular sentence "A woman will be healthy, a happy family, and a harmonious society." This sentence is an eternal topic in today's society. Health is very important. If a person is healthy No more, then everything is zero.And women's health is related to reproduction and social stability. So now women are beginning to pay attention to these small problems in gynecology. Maybe no one would be willing to use gynecological gel before, but this is not the case anymore in this era.

According to authoritative data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in an era when girls have become professional professionals, women’s inflammation is shocking. The incidence of gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis is as high as 90%. And now it is slowly showing younger age, and many sisters in their 30s have already experienced inflammation.

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Firstly, according to the current demand for gynecological gel, the women's health industry has a very large bright market, not only the prospects and development space needs are very large. And an expert once said that the women's health industry is an industry that will not decline within 20 years.

So how big is the gynecological gel market

The opening of the country’s second-child policy and the continuous changes in everyone’s living environment have greatly increased the probability of women suffering from gynecological inflammatory diseases. As a result, the popularity of vaginal detox gel is getting better and better. Many women are now willing to choose gynecological gel because it can provide targeted care and fundamentally solve women's problems.

Secondly, the vaginal detox gel with the name of the machine is also the most popular, which is not only safe, but also highly targeted. Therefore, the market is very large and demand exceeds supply.

vaginal detox gel is a gynecological drug gel that can be used for the treatment of various gynecological vaginitis and cervicitis, including bacterial vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis, mixed vaginitis, gonococcal infection, chronic cervicitis, Cervical erosion. It has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antipruritic effects, and has obvious inhibitory effects on the growth of pathogenic microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Candida albicans, fungi, yeasts and so on. After washing the vulva every night before going to bed, the patient can remove the front cover of the gel dispenser, insert the rear end of the gel dispenser as a push rod, and slowly insert the gel dispenser with gel into the deep part of the vagina. The index finger pushes the booster rod, and uses the booster rod to push the antibacterial gel into the depths of the vagina.

vaginal detox gel is a commonly used medicine in gynecology, which can be used to treat common female vaginitis, vulvitis, cervicitis and so on. When used, it can increase the efficacy with other drugs that regulate vaginal flora. Generally, vaginitis can choose the method of vaginal irrigation and vaginal administration. Bacteriostatic gel is a kind of gel medicine. Use the applicator to place it in the posterior fornix to make the mucosa better absorbed. All drugs used to treat vaginitis will produce certain drug residue after the drug components are absorbed by the vaginal mucosa. If it is not discharged in time, it will cause secondary infection or cause physical discomfort. Therefore, when vaginal administration is used, it should be combined with vaginal douche, and the drug residue from the last drug should be cleaned before each drug administration.

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