Do you know the function and maintenance of prostate
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Do you know the function and maintenance of prostate

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    The functions of prostate are: control male urination, ejaculation, fertility, physiological health, etc.

    As the largest accessory gonad in the male body, the physiological function of prostate almost affects the growth, fertility and health of men.

    Prostate is one of the exocrine glands of human body, which has exocrine function.

    The prostatic fluid secreted by the prostate is an important component of semen.

    One third of the semen after ejaculation is prostatic fluid and the remaining 2 / 3 is seminal vesicle fluid.

    The semen is composed of prostate fluid and seminal vesicle fluid.

    The liquefaction factor in the prostatic fluid can liquefy the jelly like dense seminal vesicle fluid.

    After liquefaction of semen become thin, conducive to sperm swimming, and pregnancy.

    The nutrients in prostatic fluid can increase the energy and vitality of sperm and ensure the quantity and quality of qualified sperm.

    The proteinase and fibrinolytic enzyme contained in the prostatic fluid make the prostatic fluid slightly alkaline. It can neutralize the acid secretion in female vagina, reduce the erosion of acid substance on sperm and improve the survival rate of sperm.

    As a male sex endocrine gland, prostaglandins secreted by the prostate contain abundant 5 α - reductase,

    It can convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone with more physiological activity and maintain normal physiological function of tissues and organs.

    The main functions of dihydrotestosterone on men are: to maintain spermatogenesis; to stimulate the development of reproductive organs, to promote the appearance of male parasexual symptoms and maintain their normal morphology; to maintain normal sexual desire; to promote protein synthesis, especially in muscle and reproductive organs; to promote bone growth, calcium and phosphorus deposition and red blood cell production.

    It has a certain effect on the digestive system, hydrogen and testosterone in male.

    Insufficient secretion of dihydrotestosterone will cause male sub-health problems. Prostate gland is covered with a large number of nerve networks and nerve endings to control male urination and ejaculation.

    The prostate surrounds the urethra and is close to the bladder neck to form the proximal urethral wall. Its circular smooth muscle fiber surrounds the urethra and prostate and forms the internal urethral sphincter.

    When micturition impulse occurs, with the contraction of detrusor, the internal sphincter is relaxed, which makes urination smoothly.

    Prostate is an important transmitting organ of male sexual function, which plays an important role in transmission.

    In men's sexual life, sexual stimulation and excitement are transmitted to the brain through the prostate.

    After the brain feels the sexual stimulation, the sexual excitement will be transmitted back to the prostate, thus transmitting to the whole body.

    Ejaculation occurs when sexual excitement and stimulation reach the sexual threshold, which is the level of stimulation required before orgasm.

    Men's normal sexual function depends on the prostate to conduct. When the sclerotic lesions appear, the nerves and blood vessels are damaged, and the conduction function is also damaged.

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