Do you know the top ten soul problems in gynecology 3
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Do you know the top ten soul problems in gynecology 3

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N8 urinary tract infection

Key words: don't be afraid of diseases and avoid doctors

Women because of the physiological structure is easy to cause urinary tract infection, leading to frequent urination, urgency and pain.

The root cause is that bacteria enter the urethra mucosa or bladder through the external orifice of urethra and reproduce to cause pain.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the private parts clean and dry, and to keep the sexual behavior clean.

At the same time, drinking more water is helpful to dilute the urine, flush the urethra, reduce the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms, and promote the excretion of urine.

Of course, the most important point, do not be shy, once you find yourself suspected of urinary tract infection, need early treatment.

Because some suspected urinary tract infections are often symptoms of other diseases.

Also remember one thing: daily life is OK, don't hold your urine!!!

N9 underwear problems

Key words: don't look good, want pure cotton to breathe

As a woman, she can't resist such temptation in her heart

However, when choosing underpants scientifically, you need to tend to air permeable products.

What is ventilation? It's not that lace has many holes and many mesh is breathable, especially the fabric of the bottom part of underwear must be pure cotton and breathable!

I love the girls, in need of such sexy temptation underwear existence of private sexual blessing moment to make full use of them, put it on, daily time to change back to that pure cotton breathable underwear, take good care of their own body.

By the way, I'd like to say a little more: change your underwear every day, wash it every day, don't wash it with other clothes, especially socks, which just happen to have long beriberi.

N10 gynecological examination

Key words: annual inspection, reasonable time

This is a topic that many women are concerned about. What should gynecological examination do and what precautions should be taken.

Generally, a woman who is over 20 years old and has sexual life should have a gynecological examination every year;

The appropriate time for examination is within 3-7 days after the end of menstruation. Gynecological examination is not allowed during the period of aunt;

Do not check sexual behavior before three days;

Before examination, it is usually not necessary to clean the private parts, but to clean the vulva normally. Especially when checking leucorrhea routine, clean, also can not find out the problem;

The examination contents generally include: gynecological routine, leucorrhea routine, B-ultrasound, HPV, TCT (screening cervical cancer), gonad, etc;

If you find irregular menstruation, abnormal leucorrhea, pain, dysuria, you need to do gynecological examination in time.

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