Features of sheep placenta
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Features of sheep placenta

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Sheep placenta is the tissue responsible for the exchange of blood and nutrients between the mother and the fetus when the ewe is pregnant with a fetus, and can produce a lot of active substances. Sheep placenta is the closest tissue to human placenta in nature, so it can be well absorbed.

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The nutritional composition of sheep placenta is basically the same as that of human placenta. The nutritional structure is closest to human placenta. Its reasonable natural structure and particularly rich nutritional content have become the first choice for animal placenta.

Another important reason is that sheep placenta will not be infected with viruses such as hepatitis and will not cross-infect humans. Other animal placenta (including human placenta) are likely to carry this virus. 

In mass production, as long as there is a placenta with the virus, the harm of the product can be imagined, and the use of sheep placenta is relatively safer .

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Sheep placenta is called sheep embryo in March-April, because there are a lot of milk foam that is not absorbed by the lamb and has better utilization value, which is more nutritious than the postpartum sheep placenta. 

The sheep placenta on the market is mainly made of capsule preparations, mostly freeze-dried powder with some food additives. Due to individual differences, it may not be completely absorbed. It is best to use sheep embryo soup to absorb its nutrients more easily.

Fresh sheep placenta is very troublesome to handle, and improper preservation may also lead to bacterial contamination. Therefore, it is best to use sheep embryo dry products to make soup. 

In addition, freezing may also lead to nutritional deficiency of the sheep placenta.

The main function of sheep placenta is: it is rich in all the primitive life substances necessary for life.

It is rich in protein, 17 kinds of amino acids, 14 kinds of trace elements, phospholipids, lipopolysaccharides, vitamins, as well as a variety of active peptides related to immune function and normal functioning of the body. 

The natural ratio of its nutrients is closest to the needs of the human body.

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