Feminine hygiene gel protect our body
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Feminine hygiene gel protect our body

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Feminine hygiene gel is a gynecological gel used for the treatment of a variety of gynecological vaginitis and cervicitis, including bacterial vaginitis, trichomonad vaginitis, mixed vaginitis, gonococcal infections, and chronic cervicitis.  It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antipruritic effects.  Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Candida albicans, fungi, yeast and other pathogens of the growth of inhibition.  

Feminine hygiene gel  

1. After cleaning the vulva before going to bed every night, remove the front cover of the front end of the gel applicator and insert it into the back end of the gel applicator as a push rod;  Slowly insert the gel feeder deep into the vagina and use your index finger to push the push rod to push the antibacterial gel deep into the vagina.  

2, once a day, one tablet each time, consecutive 6 days as a course of treatment.  Feminine Hygiene gel suppliers - Arcmoon

[Contraindication, cautions, warnings and suggestive notes]  

It is forbidden for people allergic to metallic silver and virgins.  Pregnant women should use it under the guidance of a doctor.  

Prohibit deep drug use during menstrual period and pregnant women.  

1. This product is only for external use of women's reproductive tract. It is forbidden to take orally.  

2. This product is only for one-time use.  Do not use if the package is damaged.  

3. If local allergic reaction occurs, stop using.  

It is a normal phenomenon to have a small amount of brown paste flowing out during use. If there is more outflow, it is recommended to use it with sanitary pads.  

Department of gynaecology matters needing attention

Myth 1: Antibiotics  

Abuse or use of antibiotics will cause bacteria to produce drug resistance, and kill a large number of beneficial bacteria, destroy the balance of vaginal flora, resulting in vigorous growth of fungi, obstinate gynecological diseases, difficult to completely cure.  

Misunderstanding two: improper cleaning lower body  

Vaginitis as the most common gynecological disease, more than 40% of the patients are caused by improper cleaning methods.  The female vagina is an acidic environment, which has a self-cleaning antibacterial effect, but many women use cleaning lotion to clean the lower body for a long time, which will kill the beneficial vaginal bacteria, reduce the local resistance and cause infection.  

Misunderstanding three: treatment is not according to the course of treatment  

When most women are treated, they usually rely on subjective feelings: the symptoms are good, the leucorrhea is normal and they think the disease is good, so they stop taking the medicine quickly and cause infection repeatedly.  The doctor of gynaecology points out: the treatment of inflammation of department of gynaecology wants to undertake strictly by course of treatment, see good close, do not treat by course of treatment, can make inflammation of department of gynaecology turns chronic only, treat more and more difficult.  

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