Feminine vaginal detox gel
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Feminine vaginal detox gel

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 The characterized of the vaginal detox gel are as follows: 

1. its raw material composition and corresponding parts by weight are: 22-30 parts of aloe vera, 17-26 parts of dandelion, 16-24 parts of pteris, 10-15 parts of safflower, 6-12 parts of schisandra .

2. A female reducing yin detox gel according to claim 1, wherein the aloe vera is one of aloe vera, aloe vera or aloe cape.

3. A feminine reduction and detoxification gel according to claim 1, 

Characterized in that: its preparation method is:customized yoni detox gel - Arcmoon

1) Rinse the fresh aloe leaves with clean water, and then sterilize the fresh aloe leaves with ultraviolet rays. Use the sterilized knife to cut the fresh aloe leaves, take out the gel material in the fresh aloe leaves, and put the gel material into the beater. The beating treatment, after the beating treatment, the gel material is homogenized under the condition of 1.3~1.5Mpa. After the homogenization treatment, it is ultrasonically broken. The ultrasonic frequency is 20KHZ and the power density is 0.3W/cm2. The gel material is concentrated to 1/10 of the total volume of the gel material under the conditions of 50~60℃ and 0.25~0.3Mpa for use;

2) Wash the dandelion, safflower, safflower, and schisandra and dry them, add them to the pulverizer according to the corresponding parts by weight for pulverization, pulverize to a particle size of 2 to 4 mm, and stir the pulverized mixture. The stirring time is 20~30min. After stirring, put the mixture into the traditional Chinese medicine boiling pot, add water to decoct, add water to 1.2~1.5 times of the total volume of the mixture, and filter the mixed liquid after the water boils for 15~25min. The mixture is decocted for 3 times, the filtrates obtained from the 3 times are combined and concentrated to 1/12~1/15 of the total volume for use;

3) Mix the preparation in step 1) and the preparation in step 2) uniformly at room temperature.

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