Hemorrhoids no longer recur easily
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Hemorrhoids no longer recur easily

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Hemorrhoids have always been an unavoidable privacy topic in today's society. Old people always say "ten people have nine hemorrhoids, ten women have ten hemorrhoids", but is this really the case? Relevant data show that the current domestic incidence of hemorrhoids is one of the highest in the world, and even 10 times that of European and American countries. It's just that many people have hemorrhoids, because of the different severity, they don't know or care about it. In this way, if there is no deliberate treatment for a long time, it is easy to cause other problems, such as cystitis, peptic ulcer anal fissure, vaginitis, rectal cancer, perianal eczema, urethritis, adnexitis and other inflammations.Hemorrhoids treatment gel manufacturer- Arcmoon

Studies have shown that the problems that cause hemorrhoids are generally the following:

1. The nature of work: sedentary work such as standing for a long time is also one of the root causes of hemorrhoids. Among the people who often stand and work (such as doormen, cashiers), people who sit and work (such as programmers, accountants), and people with heavy labor (such as cleaners, couriers), etc., there are many patients with hemorrhoids , The reason lies in this.

2. Perianal irritation and unclean diet: cold and heat at the anus, diarrhea and constipation, alcohol abuse, and eating spicy food can stimulate the anus and intestines, congest the venous plexus, affect the return of venous blood, and cause the venous wall to resist The force drops.

3. Poor defecation habits: Many people play games and watch videos when entering the toilet, which greatly prolongs the time of squatting, leading to congestion, compression, and varicose veins in the rectum and anus. Over time, the anal cushion tissue will become loose and even lead to a fixed anal cushion. The muscles of the patient are broken, the anal pad protrudes out of the anus and serious hemorrhoids are formed.

4. Habitual constipation. Dry and hard stools accumulated in the intestine oppress the venous branches of the muscular layer of the rectal wall, resulting in poor blood flow there. Squatting for a long time due to difficulty in defecation, or forced defecation to increase intra-abdominal pressure, it is also easy to cause venous plexus injury.

So how can we effectively cure hemorrhoids without side effects?

Hongfutang antibacterial gel is selected from a variety of pure natural high-altitude and non-polluting wild materials. It is processed by ancient methods and is boiled at high temperature to form a gel. Apply directly to the inside and outside of the anus, apply half of it externally, promote blood circulation around the anus, and push the other half to regulate the physical fitness, directly reach the lesion, and repair the condition in the anus. It fundamentally breaks the shackles of recurring and recurring hemorrhoids. Hongfutang Antibacterial Gel The cure rate of hemorrhoids is more than 90%, which is recognized and praised by the majority of hemorrhoid patients.

The problem of hemorrhoids is urgent. In addition to using Hongfutang antibacterial gel, you can also use some aerobic exercise to recover, which will make hemorrhoids heal faster and better. Stick to Hongfutang antibacterial gel and appropriate exercise for a long time. The body can make hemorrhoids never recur! Hemorrhoids should be treated in time to avoid other complications and unnecessary harm to your body. Normally, squat time should not be too long, eat more vegetables, fruits, beans and other foods that contain more vitamins and fiber, try not to eat spicy and irritating foods, and do not stand or sit for a long time, so as to be able to cause hemorrhoids Doesn't happen to us.

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