How should benign prostatic hyperplasia be treated
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How should benign prostatic hyperplasia be treated

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    If you want to cure completely, you should not only treat, but also pay attention to prevent recurrence.

    As to treatment. The purpose of the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia is to improve the symptoms of dyspnea. There are two ways of treatment: medication and surgery. Look at medication first.

    The first is α - adrenergic receptor blockers.

    As soon as the prostate hyperplasia, the muscles tightly pinch the urethra. This kind of medicine is to let those tight muscles relax, reduce urethral resistance, make urination easier, suitable for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms.

    The second is 5 α - reductase inhibitors.

    When testosterone encounters 5 α - reductase, it will be upgraded to dihydrotestosterone, which can stimulate the excessive growth of prostate and produce prostatic hyperplasia. The principle of this kind of medicine is to make 5 α - reductase lose its activity and become a decoration, that is, testosterone will not change into dihydrotestosterone even if it meets 5 α - reductase. This kind of medicine is more suitable for patients with more serious prostatic hyperplasia, it can control the prostate no longer increase, sometimes can also partially shrink, improve urination symptoms.

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    This medicine is awesome, but there are two points to be emphasized.

    First, the effect is slow. It takes three months to get effect. Don't just eat for a few days. If you don't think it's effective to give up treatment, it's very important to insist.

    Second, it is easy to relapse. If you feel that the symptoms are relieved, you can stop taking medicine without permission. It is very important to follow the doctor's advice.

    Finally, see the surgical treatment.

    For those patients with poor drug treatment effect, serious condition, hydronephrosis and other complications, surgery can be considered. The central idea of the operation is simple and crude. Since it is hyperplasia, then cut it.

    Transurethral resection of the prostate is commonly used. The resectoscope with the dual function of "seeing" and "cutting" is extended into the urethra. From the center of the prostate, like sliced radish, a trace of gouging is carried out. The hyperplasia is cleaned up and the urethra is immediately unobstructed.

    The prostate is small, but the prostate is really big. Early examination and early treatment are the key. Go to the regular hospital, listen to the doctor, there will be no big problem.

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    Let's talk about the four factors that lead to BPH.

    1. Sedentary

    Sedentary is a bad habit, such as drivers, white-collar workers, homestay men, a sitting is a day, this sitting, pressure is nothing else, is prostate. Prostate gland is oppressed for a long time, easy to induce prostatic hyperplasia. Avoid being sedentary and get up for 5 minutes every two hours.

    2. Habitual constipation and urination

    When holding urine, the toxin deposit in urine will directly damage the prostate.

    The next door to the prostate is just the rectum, the accumulation of stool in the rectum is too much, it will press the prostate, so it will increase the risk of prostate hyperplasia.

    3. Bad eating habits

    Drinking, smoking, greasy, spicy food can cause bad stimulation to the prostate, which is more likely to suffer from BPH. Quit smoking and drinking, eat less fat, spicy food, no problem.

    4. Abnormal sexual life

    Indulgence, abstinence, may let the prostate abnormal congestion, a long time, the prostate may be hyperplasia.

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