How to judge grew hemorrhoid
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How to judge grew hemorrhoid

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How to judge grew hemorrhoid ?China manufacturers orginal herb hamorrhoid gel - Arcmoon

1. shower, anus, mouth touch the convex convex Because of external piles or three and four degrees piles caused by the anal mouth, foreign body sensation, can let a person always think go for a long time, sit for a long time or after defecate, anal mouth like a card with something, stretch out his hand to touch the bulge of meat ball, and this feeling can sometimes, also can be always exist.  

2. very late to sleep, very tired, or before the menstrual period, feel anal swelling pain whenever drinking hot, anal mouth is swollen and painful, hot and hot, or when lack of sleep or fatigue, swelling and pain always make people restless, life is affected.  

3. Even if the stool is soft, it will bring blood and water. Sometimes it will wear out the hemorrhoids and cause ulcers and pains.  A single bout of hemorrhoid bleeding usually does not cause excessive bleeding, fainting or shock, which can be life-threatening.  But long-term chronic hemorrhoid bleeding, because it will not bring pain, each time the amount of bleeding is not too much, the body will gradually get used to, but the heme in the body is actually in a state of stepped consumption, which is the so-called chronic anemia, generally when it is detected is already serious anemia.  

4. anal itching prolapse of hemorrhoid tissue sometimes in defecation after contamination with feces, sticky toilet paper, causing repeated eczema; 

 Some patients because of hemorrhoids prolapse, anal canal mucosa turned out, and caused by the bottom of the underwear is always wet sticky, affect health, as time passes also bring annoying anal itching and eczema.  However, clinically see more is that patients because of hemorrhoid prolapse caused anal itching, but mistakenly thought that itching is not clean enough, and excessive cleaning of the anus, repeatedly causing broken skin eczema.  Once again, the anus is not suitable for cleaning with soap, hot water or special detergent. When the skin around the anus is sensitive, rinse with warm water and gently press dry with a towel is the best way to maintain it.  

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