How to save vaginal relaxation? Learn how to shrink the vagina and easily "tighten" a man's heart!
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How to save vaginal relaxation? Learn how to shrink the vagina and easily "tighten" a man's heart!

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Many women after giving birth will experience vaginal relaxation, which will greatly reduce the experience of sexual pleasure. If you want to restore "firmness", you might as well learn these vaginal exercises. I hope that these methods will enable everyone to regain their "sense of sexual happiness."

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What is the standard for normal vaginal tightness?

The normal vagina is 2.5 cm in diameter and about 8 cm in length. There are many muscles and ligaments around the vagina to maintain a certain tension. There are many folds on the mucous membrane of the vaginal wall, which can increase friction during sex and make both parties feel happy.

In patients with vaginal relaxation, muscle strength is weakened, ligaments are loosened, mucosal folds are reduced, and vaginal relaxation is one of the main reasons leading to decreased or even disappearance of sexual pleasure.

Slight vaginal relaxation is prone to vaginal infection and less sensation during sex; moderate people are prone to frequent urination; severe cases are constipation and unclean stools.

How to save vaginal relaxation?

When the vagina is loose, due to the looseness of the vagina, the original vagina's ability to "tighten" the penis during sex decreases, and the contact of the sexual organs is difficult to achieve full and satisfactory, and the decline or even disappearance of sexual pleasure will naturally occur. Therefore, during the postpartum recovery period, it is necessary to perform restorative exercises for the pelvic muscles. You cannot always eat, drink, and sleep too much.

The traditional method of keeping in good health in our country, "retracting the anus and lifting qi" method can exercise pelvic muscles well. The method is: every morning and evening in a place with fresh air, take a deep breath and hold it. At the same time, shrink the anus like a pee and pee, and repeat this process more than 100 times.

When you get used to it, you can do it in your daily life. It doesn't matter how many times you have, you can do the above exercises when you have time. After a certain period of training, the tension of the pelvic muscles will be greatly improved, and the muscles around the vagina will become plump and strong, and vaginal relaxation can be healed without medicine.

And foreign "interrupted urination" training can also improve the muscle tension around the vagina. The method is: perform urination interruption exercises when urinating, endure half of the urination without interrupting the urine, and then continue urination after a short pause. So repeatedly. After a period of exercise, the muscle tension around the vagina increases and the vagina becomes narrower.

The vagina can be restored through exercise!

The vagina itself has a certain repair function, and the postpartum expansion phenomenon can be restored within 3 months after delivery. But after all, after squeezing and tearing, the muscles in the vagina are damaged, so the recovery of vaginal elasticity takes longer. Postpartum mothers can take some exercises to strengthen the recovery of elasticity and promote vaginal tightening.

1. Hold your urine: In the process of urinating, consciously hold your urine for a few seconds, interrupt urination, and then continue urination after a short pause. Repeated this way, after a period of exercise, it can increase the tension of the muscles around the vagina.

2, levator ani exercise: hold the stool and do levator ani exercise when you have the intention to defecate. Repeated frequently, you can exercise the pelvic muscles well.

3. Contraction exercise: Lie on your back, relax your body, gently insert a finger into the vagina, then contract and clamp the vagina for 3 seconds, then relax, repeat several times. The time can be extended gradually.

4. Other exercises: When walking, consciously tighten the inner and perineal muscles of the big foot, relax afterwards, and repeat the exercise.

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