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First let's talk about internal hemorrhoids. We divide it into four stages: The first is Ⅰ degree, this stage of internal hemorrhoids symptoms are the lightest, it often can only be shown as a simple small amount of stool, no other symptoms, if you find yourself hematochezia should be aware, hemor



Prostatitis antibacterial gel is a kind of health care products

Prostatitis antibacterial gel is a kind of health care products for male prostatitis or prostate sub-health problems. If you want to use this product to play a better effect, then you have to master the relevant use methods. So, what is the use method of prostatitis antibacterial gel? How does it w



The symptoms and precursors of hemorrhoids

There are symptoms and precursors of hemorrhoids : 1. the main symptoms of early hemorrhoids in stool, there are spray bleeding, spotting bleeding, hand paper with blood, blood color bright red, external hemorrhoids will not cause bleeding. 2. falling pain can be the main symptoms of painful extern



Preventive methods of hemorrhoids

1. Intake high fiber food: the general human body 1 day recommended intake of fiber is 20 to 35 grams, excessive intake may have bloating situation with apple peel ripe banana multigrain bread or general vegetables and other fiber can help gastrointestinal peristalsis, and can prevent constipation a

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