International Dissemination of Chinese Medicine
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International Dissemination of Chinese Medicine

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In order to adapt to the new situation, the international standardization of Chinese medicine is developing rapidly.

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Since international standards can cross national borders and play a coordinating, promoting and restraining role, the international community is paying more and more attention to the construction of Chinese medicine standards.


ISO/TC249 publishes 21 international standards for traditional Chinese medicine:

Serial number

Serial number ISO/TC249 issued standard number and name


 ISO 17218:2014 Sterile acupuncture needles for single use


ISO 17217-1:2014 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Ginseng Seed and Seedling-Part 1: Asian Ginseng


 ISO 18664:2015 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Heavy Metal Limits for Traditional Chinese Medicine


 ISO 18665:2015 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Decoction Machine


 ISO 18666:2015 Traditional Chinese Medicine-General Requirements for Moxibustion Devices


 ISO 18668-1:2016 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Traditional Chinese Medicine Coding System-Part 1: Traditional Chinese Medicine Coding Rules


 ISO 18746:2016 Sterile intradermal needles for single use


 ISO 18662-1:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Terminology-Part 1: Traditional Chinese Medicine


 ISO 18668-2:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Traditional Chinese Medicine Coding System-Part 2: Coding of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces


 ISO 18668-3:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Traditional Chinese Medicine Coding System-Part 3: Coding of Traditional Chinese Medicine


ISO 18668-4:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Traditional Chinese Medicine Coding System-Part 4: Coding of Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Granules


ISO 19465:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Clinical Terminology System of Traditional Chinese Medicine


 ISO 19610:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Red Ginseng Industrial Manufacturing Process Requirements (Asian Ginseng)


 ISO 19611:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Pumping and Cupping Device


 ISO 19614:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Pulse Detector Contact Force Sensor


 ISO 19824:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Schisandra seeds and seedlings


 ISO 20308:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Gua Sha appliances


 ISO 20311:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Danshen Seed and Seedling


 ISO 20408:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Sanqi Seed and Seedling


ISO 20409:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Sanqi


 ISO 20498-2:2017 Traditional Chinese Medicine-Computerized Tongue Image Analysis System-Part 2: Lighting Environment

International Organization Standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine:


As the world's largest academic organization of Chinese medicine, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies has issued 17 standards, which have had a positive impact on the international community.


The framework of TCM undergraduate education standard system is basically formed.


(1) Educational Standards for World Undergraduates of Chinese Medicine (before CMD) (2009)

(2) The world's core courses of Chinese medicine (2012)

(3) Syllabus of each course

(4) Textbooks (comparative study of Chinese and foreign textbooks) and translation

(5) Teaching reference book

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 Promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine with the rules of the game of international service trade, and provide new impetus for the international spread of Chinese medicine.


In the context of global integration, the global industrial structure has transitioned from being dominated by agriculture and industry to a new stage dominated by service industries, and the connotation of services and service industries and the areas covered by them have also undergone tremendous changes. The output value of the service industry in developed countries (regions) generally accounts for up to 70% of their GDP. When the domestic market cannot accommodate the growing service production, opening up the international market and competing for the world market will inevitably become the new focus of developed countries'foreign economic expansion.


As the unique medical science of the Chinese nation, Chinese medicine mainly provides service products to the society. The basic conditions for the development of international service trade are already in place, and it can become an important part of my country's service trade development pattern.


Fourteen ministries and commissions including commerce, diplomacy, education, science and technology, finance, culture, and health issued "Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Trade in Traditional Chinese Medicine Services" on March 8 last year, clarifying the guiding ideology and The principles and objectives have identified important tasks and proposed policy measures to provide a relaxed policy environment for the development of Chinese medicine service trade.


To carry out trade in traditional Chinese medicine services, we must not only follow the rules of the international game, but also re-examine traditional Chinese medicine services from the perspective of international trade, from the traditional "public welfare" and "career" that do not count costs, efficiency, and avoid talking about benefits. Liberated from the concept, use the market economy theory of commodities, value, trade, market, sales, and profit to re-understand and improve the service activities of Chinese medicine.


Using the market mechanism of international service trade to promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine will surely activate relevant elements and accelerate the pace of international dissemination of Chinese medicine.

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