Keep away hemorrhoids, you might as well eat them every day
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Keep away hemorrhoids, you might as well eat them every day

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As our living standards continue to improve, our diet has become more and more diverse. Many people often eat foods with high calories. Maintaining this phenomenon for a long time can easily lead to obesity. Obesity can also easily cause hemorrhoids, which is also a difficult thing for most people. Hemorrhoids are not only painful, but also have some small bumps. Some people feel that after they have hemorrhoids, it would be very embarrassing to go to the hospital for examination. Some people with hemorrhoids can improve by food in their lives. If the following foods are changed twice a day, hemorrhoids may go away.

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The "nemesis" of hemorrhoids has been found, and I change to take two mouthfuls a day, maybe hemorrhoids "slip away" quietly:


Purslane is a common weed on the ground with high nutritional value. Some people will ignore the efficacy of this herb in daily life. In fact, purslane can play a very good health and health effect, and it can also help us replenish the nutrients in the body, so as to relieve the problem of hemorrhoids.

Purslane is not good for us. It has high medicinal value, and if it can be used as a food. Eating a little bit every day is also very delicious. For friends with hemorrhoids, you can eat a little Portulaca regularly every day to help your body be healthier.


Many people know that persimmon is a common fruit, which contains more vitamins and trace elements, and is easily loved by more people. There are more vitamins and a variety of trace elements in the day. If you can eat a little persimmon in moderation, it can also help us improve the environment in the intestines and help our bodies become healthier. It will also help friends who suffer from hemorrhoids, especially if you eat a little persimmon in your life, the hemorrhoids will slowly slip away.

Wild dates:

Speaking of it, many people may not like to eat it early, just because the taste of wild jujube is relatively more sour, especially for people with hemorrhoids, which is of great help. Regularly eating a little jujube can also help digestion, especially to help us expel toxins and stools from the body. It is more beneficial to alleviate constipation and can also relieve hemorrhoids. For friends with hemorrhoids, if you insist on eating a little jujube every day in your life, it may help relieve constipation, help you eliminate some toxins in your body, and help hemorrhoids slip away quietly.


Spinach is also very common in our daily life. It contains a lot of dietary fiber and trace elements. Properly eating a little spinach can also promote gastrointestinal motility and digestion, thus having a laxative effect.

Spinach is also very helpful for improving hemorrhoids. If spinach and black sesame seeds can be paired together, it can better alleviate the problem of hemorrhoids and help our body gradually get better. The dietary therapy is very helpful for external use of foreign teramine.

In addition to the above drugs, there are also some drugs that are also very effective in treating hemorrhoids.

The effect of Swiss teamine ointment is not very fast, about a week or so, it will not hurt much, the hemostatic effect is still OK, there is no special feeling, the most important thing is to eliminate the meat ball, at least until now I have not relapsed .

Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid ointment is also well-known. It is an over-the-counter medicine in the form of an ointment. The color is light grayish yellow or pink. It is very cool to use. It is suitable for all kinds of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Because it contains musk, pregnant women should use it with caution.

Of course, prevention of hemorrhoids is also a must! After all, the treatment of hemorrhoids is quite painful.

Drink plenty of water and eat laxative vegetables and fruits;

Develop good living habits and eating habits;

Strengthen exercise to improve the body's ability to resist diseases;

Develop a laxative habit to defecate daily;

Drink more honey to detoxify and relax.

But if you have hemorrhoids, you must not avoid the disease and avoid doctors. Another point is that if you have hemorrhoids, you must eat lightly, but there are still people who can't control their mouths to eat hot pot to prevent hemorrhoids from really attacking. !

So it's best to control your mouth and don't eat spicy food. After the hemorrhoid treatment period, you can try anything!

I hope everyone can keep their chrysanthemums. . . . . .

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