Natural vagina gel retards aging in women
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Natural vagina gel retards aging in women

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Vagina gel has the effect of health recuperation, it helps to prevent vaginal dryness, can reduce the sensitivity of the vagina, if inadequate secretion of sex at ordinary times, can also use the gel, generally relatively less side effects, this product purchase normal product, especially to buy pure natural products, so as to avoid adverse effects on the genitals, Let's take a look at that.

Can I use the private gel

There are no side effects of female private care gel. Many female friends hope to have pink and tender private parts, so they will start to choose some care gel. There are a variety of care gels on the market, generally developed for women with vaginal dryness, low vaginal sensitivity, and insufficient lubrication.natural vagina gel quotation- Arcmoon

Women with these physiological problems, may be in the sexual life of the time will have a relatively large obstacle, in the course of time may appear the phenomenon of apathy, through the use of appropriate care gel can help to improve this problem.

It is true that many products on the market have great effects after use, but there are also female friends who worry about whether the female private part care gel has side effects and whether it will cause great harm to our body after long-term use.

In general these privates care gel is equivalent to we wipe on the face of aloe vera gel, as if the ingredients are more natural, so will know our private parts repair, bactericidal effect, if choose the ingredients are more chemicals products, use for a long time may be to us instead of the larger damage private parts.

Private part whitening method

Mix one part of honey and three parts of flour (1:3) into a facial mask and apply it around the vagina. For example: (Honey + pearl powder 1:3 can be used. Note: A little honey can dissolve a lot of pearl powder, but it takes a while to make it even. Be patient. I sometimes add a little lemon powder or rose powder, note that the lemon powder is very strong, only a little, and the lemon juice 1-2 drops at a time.

After 15 minutes, wash off, and then use hot towel several times (hot towel becomes cool for one time), after applying, use cotton Jiao alkaline toner to wipe it (toner, whole skin water or toner can be). Do it twice a week at most. Generally do five or six times will slowly restore the original bright red, but if it is congenital black, to do about ten times.

As we all know, honey and flour are natural green foods, both of which are very mild and won't hurt such delicate parts. When the toner is finally applied, just use a cotton pad to rub it gently.

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