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best Hemorrhoids treatment gel

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Hemorrhoids (commonly known as hemorrhoids) is a common disease located in the anus. The soft venous clusters formed by the expansion and flexion of the venous plexus under the mucous membrane of the human rectum and under the skin of the anal canal. In our country, hemorrhoids are the most common a



How to prevent the anal cushion from moving down

Traditional Chinese Medicine: You can take a sitz bath with pepper salt water for treatment. Bitter melon, bamboo shoots, watermelon and other fruits are cool, suitable for people with body heat. Tremella, red dates, wolfberry and longan soup has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and is suitable for patients with yin deficiency who have excessive blood loss. Western medicine: oral or external application of drugs, external stripping and internal ligation (external hemorrhoids are removed, internal hemorrhoids are ligated) or PPH stapler hemorrhoid mucosal nailing and other surgical treatment methods.



Can hemorrhoids be contagious

With the improvement of people's living standards, the increase of people's work and life pressure and the change of eating habits, the incidence of anorectal diseases in our country has increased significantly.

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